Glory Jr. Heavyweight Championship

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Glory Jr. Heavyweight Championship
Championship Statistics
Current Champion(s) Abby Fightmaster
Date won April 13 2018
Fed Grappling of Glory
First Champion(s) Kyo

The Glory Jr. Heavyweight Championship is a title created and promoted by Grappling of Glory. The current champion is Abby Fightmaster, who is in her first reign.


Grappling of Glory was originally intended to have three weight divisions of Jr. Heavyweight, Heavyweight, and Superheavyweight. The Glory Jr. Heavyweight Champion is the sole surviving relic of this original division, with wrestlers weighing over 230 lbs. unable to challenge for this title.

The inaugural championship was a twelve-wrestler Ramble, with the last person remaining in the ring the champion. Kyo was one of the four announced competitors, along with Derry the Cow, David Nelson-Saint, and Abby Fightmaster. He entered fifth and outlasted all other competitors, eliminating Nelson-Saint to secure the victory.


No. Wrestler Reign Date Days held Event Notes
1 Kyo 1 Jul 30 2017 257 We Are The Champions
2 Abby Fightmaster 1 Apr 13 2018 CURRENT Decimation