Gabriel White

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Gabriel White
Gabriel White, before his match at MALLBRAWL 4NVR
Born June 6th, 1990
Chicago, IL
Residence Chicago, IL
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Gabriel White
Billed height 6'3
Billed weight 210 lbs.
Billed from Chicago, IL
Trained by House of Bulls
Derrick Brizen
Ryan Davis
Lance Meszaros
Debut August 2014 for CFPW
Notable Fed(s) TDW
Current Theme "Save Yourself" - Stabbing Westward
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by CokeIbushi

Gabriel White is an American professional wrestler currently signed to Pro Wrestling: All Star, ScrapYard and Grappling of Glory. He has made appearances in Clear Fork Pro Wrestling, AES Primetime, MALLBRAWL, and NOW. He is one half of the final UWOT Tag Team Champions as part of The Contingency with Wolfie Blair.


Independent Circuit (2011-2014)

Gabriel White started to train in the House of Bulls Wrestling Academy in his hometown of Chicago in 2009. While there, he got to learn the ropes more than most as he was given an extra year to develop because of the clout he had under his name. His stepfather, Jack Phillips was a local wrestling legend, and as a service to Jack, House of Bulls gave Gabriel an extra free year of training to hone his craft. By this point, to the trainers, he had proven that he had what it took to be a top prospect. In August of 2011, he graduated and was crowned the Top Bull (soon to be named the Jack Phillips Award in 2015) for top marks from trainers and staff. Gabriel White made his professional wrestling debut against Carson Gray on the December 12th, 2011 episode of Illinois Wrestling. Although he did not win, the fans applauded his efforts. Gabriel would leave IW in June of 2012, taking jobs wherever he could. Gabriel would travel across the globe from North America to Europe and Japan throughout the course of mid-2012 to early 2014 before he received a call from CFPW Head of Talent Chip Tatum.

Clear Fork Pro Wrestling (2014-2016)

Gabriel was moving from different parts of the globe, wrestling wherever he was able to be booked. After a phone call in June of 2014, Gabriel White was signed to Clear Fork Pro Wrestling. He wrestled the likes of Barry G. and Nathyn Bennett before catching the eye of one Alina Jinks, a sports agent whose sole goal was to raise her clients' stakes. After CFPW Genesis, she was finally able to convince the owner of CFPW, Coke Ibushi, to allow him a shot at the CFPW World Heavyweight Championship. In a triple threat match on CFPW TV #1, Gabriel was able to defeat Dazzling Mercury and Oseiko to confirm his spot in the main event of CFPW Big Trouble in Little Clear Fork against then-champion Stuckie Haffi. At the event, he succeeded and became the second CFPW World Heavyweight Champion.

Gabriel celebrates winning the CFPW World Heavyweight Championship at Big Trouble in Little Clear Fork.

During the build for CFPW SuperMotherFuckingSlam, Gabriel juggled between fights from Dazzling Mercury and Blake Porter, who both became a relative thorn in Gabriel's side. At CFPW TV #7, Gabriel was unable to help, as Darby Brizen, his girlfriend was assaulted by Blake and Mercury. After the show, he lashed out and vented his frustrations on Coke Ibushi and Dazzling's head of Mercury Security, snapping his leg in two. After this moment, Gabriel's personality had changed as he ultimately had become a preview of what he is now. At SuperMotherFuckingSlam, he was able to get some retribution on Dazzling Mercury, but at the cost of this title.

At CFPWTV #8, Gabriel confronted Coke Ibushi, announcing that he was going to enact his rematch clause for Revolution X. Coke Ibushi denied this action but did put Gabriel in a match against the current #1 contender, Lance Murdock. If he won, he'd get the title shot, if not, he was fired. Lance Murdock was able to get the win, ending Gabriel White's CFPW career.

Total Distortion Wrestling [Kerfuffle/Japan] (2015-2017)

In TDW: Kerfuffle!, he debuted to a winning effort against Michael Taylor on Episode 5. After the match, Alina Jinks demanded that Gabriel was given a title shot against the Super Smash Champion. But was given a #1 Contendership Match instead, much to Gabriel's chagrin as it went against his code of honor. On Episode 6, Gabriel was deliberately attacked by an unknown assailant before that match. Despite the injury sustained, Gabriel continued to fight. Despite his loss, Gabriel fought to the end and fortunately didn't suffer any short-term injury. On Kerfuffle! 7, he challenged the assailant to a fight, who turned out to be Richard Fountain.

Gabriel ignores The Sean Show's bid for an interview after losing the "First to KO" match at TDW Super Kerfuffle 2.

The two were given a match at Kerfuffle! 8, and after five Perfect Weapons, Gabriel was able to get the win. On Kerfuffle! #9, Gabriel was approached by Fountain to a "First to KO" match at Super Kerfuffle! 2, as Fountain didn't use the match that he earned from an earlier episode. At Super Kerfuffle 2, Gabriel was bloodied and beaten senseless, even finished off with his own move; The Perfect Weapon. After the match, he refused to speak to The Sean Show and then proceeded to disband the name from his repertoire. Leaving a bloody message in the locker room and inviting the idea that he was giving it up to Richard Fountain. [1] This would be his final match in Kerfuffle, as he would be fired by new owner Artemis Gerard[2], only to re-sign with the revamped company the same day.

On the debut episode of Total Distortion Wrestling: Japan, Gabriel White and Kagomi Shogun were able to take on the team of Rohan Khanda and Oseiko. Gabriel debuted his new technical ring style and finisher, the Cemetery Driver, the Suplex Piledriver. They were able to get the win, but it was announced that they would end up facing each other in the first round of the TDW: Japan Tournament. Despite tough competition, Gabriel was able to move into the next round after defeating Kagomi with the Cemetery Driver. Despite a spirited effort against Terry Atkins in the semi-finals, he came up short and was eliminated. This would ultimately be the final match in TDW history, as the company would shut down weeks later.

Super Awesome Pro Wrestling (2015-2017)

Gabriel made his SAPW Debut on SAPW Versus #6, getting to fight a man that publically admitted that he respected, Bob Sagat. When he got to the ring for the match, he was greeted by Sagat, who made him compete against Bob's compatriot, Tyrone Hawk. In a quick encounter, Gabriel won with the Perfect Weapon. At SAPW 32: Goodbye Moon Men, he was scheduled to have another match with Sagat, but it was again pushed aside for Tyrone, dressed as Darby Brizen. Gabriel won the match in under ten seconds and was greeted with an assault from Bob and Tyrone, who proceeded to assault Gabriel with chairs and utilizing the .38 Snubnose Special. (Gabriel's special maneuver, which was passed down from his own step-father, Jack Phillips.)

At SAPW Versus: Spooktacular, Gabriel went for some retribution against Bob and Tyrone, beating the two down and stealing Bob's CFPW "Godlike" Title. Gabriel made it to the final four of a battle royale at SAPW 33: Nyehfully Yours to determine the next Wheel of Fate winner. Bob would eliminate him and go on to win the match. At SAPW Versus 8, Gabriel interrupted Bob and asked for a match. Nothing on the line, nothing at stake but honor and respect. Gabriel used the CFPW "GODLIKE" Title as bait into getting the match and disposed of it after fighting off a sneak attack by Tyrone Hawk. At SAPW 34: If It Exists..., Gabriel came up short in a twenty-minute contest against mentor Derrick Brizen. After the match, Bob Sagat came down and attacked a weakened Gabriel. This match also marked the end of the Fireman's Carry Facebuster.[3]

Gabriel prepares to attack Tyrone Hawk dressed as "Goobriel White".

At SAPW 35: Cool Time!, Gabriel interrupted what would have been Bob Sagat's reveal of "Milky White", starring Tyrone Hawk as "Goobriel White". The new attitude was well apparent, as Gabriel was jeered for destroying the tape footage before air and then proceeding to attack Tyrone with a lead pipe backstage after Gabriel and Bob's confrontation. However, since then, SAPW announced that it was closing its doors and the match was canceled along with Golden Triad Tournament 2017, leaving Gabriel and Bob to settle their score another day.

America's Finest

At some point after CFPW TV#8, Gabriel White sought help from an AES "star" and headed up north to Canada to work with them on his wrestling style. After several weeks in rough Canadian weather and non-stop training, Gabriel re-emerged as a more focused, brash and methodical wrestler than previously seen in his past excursions. He donned the self-titled moniker of "America's Finest", swearing to be the best technical wrestler in the United States. He wore new gear, a Chicago Bulls-based garb that emblazoned the nickname on the sides of his thighs. He also unveiled two versions of his line of Jordan Brand Air Sensation wrestling boots. The XI-2s and the XXXIs. The former based on the Air Jordan XIs, the shoe that Michael Jordan wore during the then-record-breaking season the Chicago Bulls had accomplished of 72-10 in 1996. The latter is based on the current line of Jordan Brand shoes, the Air Jordan XXXIs with the "Banned" colorway. On the second Prelude to Grand Prix after months of speculation, Gabriel White revealed that his and Alex Arellano's partner would be the man who he worked with in Canada as the one who helped him.[4] This revelation turned out to be the self-proclaimed "King of Professional Wrestling", Ryan Davis.

The Exciting Battle of Los Angel-AES/The King of Los Angel-AES (2016-2017)

Gabriel celebrates his win over Lance Murdock and Roche Fortier in the first round of eBOLA.

Returning to a familiar part of his career, Gabriel White wrestled in Los Angeles for the first time since his pre-AES days as the first name announced in the inaugural Exciting Battle of Los Angel-AES . He was placed in Block C and was placed into the triple threat match against recent rival Lance Murdock and Roche Fortier. Gabriel's opportunistic nature came out as he spent a good portion of the match letting Lance and Roche take each other out of commission, only to drop Lance with the Cemetery Driver for the win when Roche was incapacitated. Despite his peaked confidence, Gabriel was unsuccessful against John Doe, who went on to win the tournament. This match saw the debut of Sounds of Silence, the sleeper hold.

On June 2nd, 2017. The AES Twitter account announced that Gabriel White would once again be the initial competitor revealed for the second tournament, The King of Los Angel-AES. It was announced that on Night Two, he would be taking on Trevor Edwards. That night, the two engaged in a war, that saw both men covered in blood and engaging in arguably the match of the round. Gabriel was able to take the win but his run was ultimately cut short after being defeated by Roze O. Flavio in the Second Round. Enraged by his defeat, he lashed out on the trophy for Most Improved Wrestler of 2016 and left it a mess. This action would garner a response from the AES Board of Directors, who after a back and forth argument, took to Twitter to announce that Gabriel had been suspended indefinitely. That suspension was lifted on December 30th, 2017, thanks to Artemis Gerard paying off the suspension fine.[5]

MALLBRAWL (2016-2017)

On the second episode of MALLBRAWL, bad academia, Gabriel was brought in as the replacement for Joshua Bishop, much to the enjoyment and the surprise of the crowd. Gabriel swears that he was only there to enjoy the show, with him providing evidence to confirm his claim.[6] He wasn't at all prepared for any kind of match. He went into this one cold, but was all smiles afterward, with no regrets in competing or losing to his opponent, Pat Squart. He would make a scathing rant on the Main Attraction, Joshua Bishop, who had called him out in February of 2016 [7]. It was announced that Gabriel would once again be returning to MALLBRAWL for one more match, he is scheduled to take on The Amateur in a one-on-one contest at MALLBRAWL 4NVR. Prior to their contest, Gabriel interrupted The Amateur during a promo and proceeded to scold him for multiple items. An errant promo that Amateur had done prior, his mic skills, and even his attire.

At the 4NVR event, Amateur took Gabriel head on. But after the Fireball Punch, Gabriel rebounded it into a discus clothesline. With that move incapacitating The Amateur, he proceeded to use his new finisher, the Sounds of Silence to get the submission victory. After the match, he praised Amateur but criticized his mentor, Oseiko and his devotion to the fans.

Pro Wrestling: All-Star (2017-)

On the first episode of PW:AS, Gabriel made a surprise appearance as well as his first of 2017 and proceeded to address his Chicago faithful, who he berated and proceeded to make demands to McMonnemonopobags, asking him to make a title match between him and former mentor and PW:AS Champion Derrick Brizen. This attempt was interrupted by Del Rudo, who became Man Mountain Rudo over the course of his running down of White. After asking Gabriel to attack him, he did so, which saw Rudo take the advantage and attempt for the Burning Hammer, only for Gabriel to land feet first and escape to higher ground.

United Wrestlers of Tonight (2017-2018)

On April 27th, 2017, Gabriel announced from his Twitter account[8] that his SAPW contract was bought out by United Wrestlers of Tonight and that he was going to be apart of the UWOT roster.

On the seventh episode of the rebooted UWOT and defacto final episode of AES wrestling for the year of 2017, Wolfie Blair announced that Bandit Keith had been ex-communicated from The Contingency and that he had selected Gabriel as the newest member of the team for their UWOT Tag Team Championship match against the team of Seapunk Society, comprised of DJ Wavebird and Doyale MacKenzie. After a back and forth, fifteen-minute contest, Gabriel was able to pin Wavebird, securing his second title reign in AES. This would mark the first time anyone had pinned DJ Wavebird in her time in AES. At UWOT 8, Gabriel was once again able to pin Wavebird to retain the tag titles in a rematch between the two teams. He also held a five-minute win over The Shitty Rookie that Nobody Likes. The Contingency would go through Cody McNeil and Sylvester Jacobs on UWOT 8 before their final defense. At The Battle For Everyone's Souls, they were tasked to defend the titles against the mystery team in Wolfhousen, in which Gabriel was able to win the match for the team by knockout when he hit Vigo with The Perfect Weapon, the first time that move had won him a match in over two years. The Contingency had become the final tag team champions in UWOT history. A month after the event, they were asked to relinquish their titles. Gabriel was able to extort extra perks out of the AES Board of Directors before handing the belts over.

Gabriel White returns from his indefinite suspension to join The Contingency.

Grappling of Glory (2018-)

At the sixth annual National E-Wrestling Day event, Gabriel White was announced as the eighth seed in The Chojin Olympics. Incensed by the owner's placement of the "Perfect Weapon" on the bracket, Gabriel stormed the stage and fought with both Salamanca and the #1 seed, Maria Villanueva over his feeling on being 'slighted' to an 'inferior athlete'. Before the fight got physical, Bradley had security separate the two and closed the showcase.

ScrapYard (2018-)

On [[ScrapYard Episode 8 | episode 8] of ScrapYard, Gabriel White made his debut interrupting Sanako Asano's open challenge for her Cast Iron Championship. He made his intentions known that at some point, he would challenge Sanako for the title, and that he would eventually beat her for it. On the [[ScrapYard Episode 9| next episode], he asked a favor to ScrapYard GM Jack Windsor, which, on behalf of his mentor, Lance Meszaros, wanted to check in on the progress of Harley Vincent, another one of Lance's pupils by challenging him to a match on the following episode.

Personal Life

Gabriel Dalton White was born to Christopher (father) and Brianna (mother) on June 6th, 1990. Three days after his fourth birthday, his mother was killed in an automobile accident. [9] Two years later, his father was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Doctors and medical experts had given him a month, but he was able to last until November 12th, 1997, leaving Gabriel as the last surviving member of the lineage.[10] After bouncing around in the adoption service, he was then adopted by pro wrestler and a man that Gabriel had idolized growing up, Jack Phillips.

Gabriel White's most public relationship had come in the form of Darby Brizen. The two had met at an underground rave club known as "The Pit" just weeks prior to their CFPW NEWD3 match. [11] The stake for their match was that if Gabriel won, he'd go on a date with her, and if he lost he'd be forced to wear a dress on the date. The match went to a twenty-minute draw, the time limit for NEWD contests. After the match, the two shared an embrace and a lip lock before the show went off the air. The relationship lasted until CFPW SuperMotherFuckingSlam when Gabriel broke them up after losing the CFPW World Heavyweight Championship. [12]

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • AllTimeLow (Underhook Brainbuster) – 2012-2014
    • The Perfect Weapon (Fireman's Carry Facebuster) – 2014-2016, 2018
    • EscapeTheFate (Reverse Triangle Choke) – 2014-2016
    • The Cemetery Driver (Suplex Piledriver) – 2016-Present
    • Sounds of Silence (Sleeper Hold) – 2016-Present
  • Signature Moves
    • .38 Snubnose Special/The Living Daylights (Running Knee Lift) – 2014-Present
    • Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (German/Dragon/Straightjacket Suplex Combo) – 2017-Present
    • White to Hell (Modified Spinebuster) – 2014-2017
    • Pierce the Veil (Flying Elbow Drop) – 2016-Present
  • Nicknames
    • "The Scene Sensation"
    • "The Perfect Weapon"
    • "Sultan of Scene"
    • "America's Finest"
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Ravenous" – Atreyu (2012-2014)
    • "Shepherd of Fire" – Avenged Sevenfold (2014-2016)
    • "Juke Joint Jezebel" – KMFDM (2015, one time only)
    • "Save Yourself" – Stabbing Westward (2016-Present)

Championships and accomplishments

  • AES
    • Most Improved (2016)
    • Best Tag Team/Stable (#TOPGUYSDeJapon) (2017), also nominated with The Contingency
    • Nominated for Rear of the Year (2017)
  • CFPW
    • CFPW World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • eBOLA/KoLA
    • Made it to the Sweet 16 of the tournament. (2 times)
  • UWOT
    • UWOT Tag Team Championship [with Wolfie Blair] (1 time, final)

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