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Francis Ugondus
Francis as he appeared on SDW.
Born December 26, 1995
Miami, Florida
Residence Miami, Florida
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Francis Ugondus
Franco U.
Franco El 0M
Billed height 6'0"
Billed weight Many Pounds of Muscle, Zero Pounds of Fat
Billed from Miami, Florida now residing in Electric City, USA.
Debut September 2014 for Truth in Action
Notable Fed(s) CFPW
AES World Cup
AES Melée
Current Theme "Upper Echelon" by Travi$ Scott feat. T.I. and 2 Chainz
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by Francis Ugondus

Francis Ugondus is a professional wrestler and commentator in the Armbar Error Society. He debuted in September 2014 for Truth in Action and is currently signed to AES Melée and PRIZMA, whilst working as the owner of LOVE.

Professional wrestling career

Truth In Action (September 2014)

Francis Ugondus made his memorable debut at TRUTH IN ACTION #0, the promotion's only event. After a contest between Holt Haven and the legendary AES competitor Shaymin, Francis made his presence known by going out to the ring after the match ended and clapped for the winner of the match, which was Shaymin. This was immediately followed by the rolling of the credits and the promotion closing down.[1]

Clear Fork Pro Wrestling (2014-2017)

Francis moved on from Truth in Action a growing promotion in Ohio in Clear Fork Pro Wrestling after a match between Jonathan Jones and Barry G. at CFPW TV #1, where he clapped for the winner in a moment parallel to the ending of Truth In Action. On the CFPW TV #2, he was appointed the guest referee in Jonathan Jones' second match. Instead of officiating however, he decided to clap and taunt for the contest before hitting the RKO Fever on Jonathan Jones. A match was set for CFPW Big Trouble in Little Clear Fork. Francis revealed in a video tape made before the show that he was trying to stop Jonathan Jones from peddling steroids illegally to the youth of America.[2]

CFPW Big Trouble in Little Clear Fork arrived, but before his match, Francis Ugondus was handed the opportunity to commentate the first three matches with Chip Tatum. He made his entrance while his entire list of nicknames was announced and got the begin his commentary career on this night. When his match came on, he made a second entrance from the commentary table and into the ring where he had an excessive pyrotechnic filled entrance. However, this didn't stop the inevitable once Jonathan Jones made it into the ring. Once the bell was rung, Francis was immediately hit with the Clothesline to the future and lost the match in mere seconds.

Upset with his loss, Francis Ugondus was given a spot on CFPW TV #4 to talk about the events that had transpired. Once he had been given the microphone, Francis Ugondus retold the events of the night via a parody of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air opening theme. Once he had finished rapping, he then proceeded to take out his frustrations on a fan in the crowd much to Chip Tatum's disgust. The AES Cops then made their way out to the ring to arrest Francis Ugondus for this actions.[3]

Sanako Asano defended the CFPW TV Championship against an unknown luchador named El Fucko. However before the match began, it was revealed that Francis escaped from prison as he ran out to the commentary booth from the crowd with his prison jumpsuit still on to commentate the match.[4] Despite his support for El Fucko on commentary, Sanako Asano retained her title much to Francis' disappointment.

Francis Ugondus silently faded away from CFPW episodes after that, but made his return at CFPW SuperMotherFuckingSlam to compete in one of the six man battle royals to enter himself into a number one contenders triple threat match for a shot at the CFPW World Championship. He was unsuccessful as Sanako Asano ended up winning the match. Finally, on CFPW TV #8, the first episode back after the pay per view event and what eventually became the last episode of CFPW, Francis once again lost in quick fashion to "Big" Tex Johnson in a fashion parallel to his loss at CFPW Big Trouble in Little Clear Fork. He would seemingly end his CFPW career with only memorable moments and rapid quick losses, never earning a single victory in the promotion.

New Origin Wrestling (2015)

In New Origin Wrestling, Francis appeared backstage to sell shoes to NOW Season 1 Rookie Cipher during NOW On Tour #4. Cipher viciously declined his offer and then went out to host his open challenge. In response, Francis then proceeded to enter the open challenge where he was dispatched quickly by Cipher.

At NOW: A Journey Through Time, Francis was a participant in the Aidros Memorial Battle Royal, a battle royal that showcased the quirky past and present of the Armbar Error Society in honor of Aidros who had never lost a battle royal. Surprisingly, Francis Ugondus was a dominant participant, racking up the most eliminations in the match before the final man came out. Then, the final participant was revealed to Aidros himself. Despite all odds against him, Francis Ugondus ended the battle royal streak of Aidros by eliminating him, leading him into his first major victory of his career and his second victory overall.

Uncharted Oceans Wrestling (2016-2017)

Francis Ugondus joined Uncharted Oceans Wrestling as a color commentator starting from the UOW Man Overboard event up until the feds closure. While mainly serving a commentary role, he was also the team captain of Team Francis in the UOW GX division where he had a hand in picking the team members. Not only that, he even competed in a match during Uncharted Oceans TV - Episode 8 in which he competed in the Team Francis battle royal to see who would enter a triple threat for the UOW GX Championship. He lost the match to Richardson Peterson Jr. after eliminating himself. This upset him to the point where he took the rest of the night off and did not come back to commentate.[5] However, during a first blood match between Tekina and Hayley Sykes with Amber Ember as the guest referee, Francis Ugondus did return to the ring to give Amber Ember her contact lenses as she apparently couldn't see. While Hayley was being beaten into a bloody mess, Francis eventually got her contact lenses in which led to Amber ending the match.

The Exciting Battle of Los Angel-AES (2016)

Due to frustration with his failing professional wrestling career, Francis Ugondus entered the eBOLA tournament as a last ditch effort to turn it around.[6] While many expected him to fail, this was the night where Francis Ugondus surprised the world. In the first two rounds, Francis Ugondus defeated two of the top names in independent wrestling in Miller Elliot and Nick Silver. However, next in his way was UOW's breakout star, the then undefeated Xander Zayne, who had just picked up a big win over a former world champion Richie Stevens. Against all odds however, Francis Ugondus picked up the win against Xander and advanced to the final four where Dr. Main Event stood in his way. The Cinderella story refused to end as Francis picked up the win against Dr. Main Event which sent him to the finals.

In the final match, Francis Ugondus would take on a future rival in John Doe, who had been tearing up the tournament with wins over Herschel Hiam Hebrewburg, Gabriel White, Tyler Rykren, and Koala Mask. In a match that was voted as the 2016 Match of the Year, Francis Ugondus ended up suffering a loss to John Doe. However, despite the loss, he had gained the respect of wrestlers and fans alike. Francis now had fan support on his side which has rejuvenated his career and has made him extremely happy.[7]

CFPW Showcase at National E-Wrestling Day 5

After the events of the tournament, it was later announced in the final showing of CFPW, Francis Ugondus would take on a woman who thwarted him many times in Sanako Asano in a match for the CFPW Television Championship at National E-Wrestling Day 5. Francis viewed this as a chance to end off his CFPW tenure in a high note. Despite giving it his all, he lost to Sanako Asano albeit giving a respectable performance to the fans as he wished to do.[8]

Shucky Duck Wrestling (2017)

Francis Ugondus made his debut for Shucky Duck Wrestling at their showcase at National E-Wrestling Day 5 in a loss to the returning Cole Scorpio for the SDW Heart and Soul Championship in a four way ladder match that also featured Stucki Haffi and Aryn Pickman.

Revolution X (2017)

Francis signed with Revolution X following the end of the CFPW showcase at National E-Wrestling Day 5.[9] He made it to the finals of the Revolution X tournament to crown it's first world champion in a match against C. Revan. However, the promotion folded before he had the opportunity.

The King of Los Angel-AES (2017)

Francis Ugondus was featured in non-tournament action in the sequel tournament to eBOLA, The King of Los Angel-AES. He participated in a Six Man Tag Team contest in the main event of Night One, teaming with John Doe and Koala Mask to take on Dr. Main Event, Dominick Williamson, and Dave Ironside. His team would lose this match after Dr. Main Event pinned Koala Mask.

On Night Four, Francis Ugondus appeared again at the event to give a speech directed at the finalists of the tournament alongside John Doe. However it quickly turned into something much more. Francis Ugondus challenged John Doe to a rematch set for National E-Wrestling Day 2018. John Doe accepted.

Technical Abbreviations Network Wrestling (2017-2018)

lmao i killed Kenny Rose and Dan Mann and won a belt it was sweet.

National E-Wrestling Day 2018

In the main event of the whole event, Francis Ugondus faced off against John Doe in the Queen of Los Angel-AES showcase. It was a long grueling battle that ended the same as it did last time as John Doe defeated Francis Ugondus. This marked yet another turning point for Francis Ugondus as it would serve as a turning point for a shift in attitude after having a breakdown caused to not being able to defeat his rival.

AES World Cup (2018)

Francis Ugondus was a mystery entrant for the AES World Cup. One of it's various United States entries, Francis quickly made a mark by attacking and replacing noted French sensation Hon Hon Lun in a match against Xandre LeBelle. Francis Ugondus would later qualify for the event at the third qualifier show by defeating Jake Cunningham and become one of the United States' two representatives for the tournament.

This event marked the first public showing of Francis Ugondus' change in attitude as he declared he would destroy the past, reshape the present, and become the future. He became a more ruthless but also more shameless competitor, utilizing both brutal and dirty tactics alike without any regards to his opponents well being. This would quickly make him one of the most if not the most hated participant in the whole tournament. This would be showcased on the fourth qualifier show where he defeated Joseph James by count out, then followed up with a post match attack. It would also be showcased during the group stages of the tournament where he was in Group B alongside Shaymin and Travis Cassidy, where he would low blow and roll up Travis to go through to the knockout stage and eliminate Travis from the tournament entirely.

However, this would ultimate climax during the knockout stages in the tournament in which he was slotted to face up and comer Maria Villanueva in the first round. Maria and Francis fought in a brutal contest that ended up leaving Maria with severe injuries and with her career on the shelf for an indefinite period of time, something Francis relished in. He then quickly defeated Chang Koehan in the second round before getting his comeuppance in the forms of a angrier and more vicious Joseph James. Joseph quickly dismantled Francis Ugondus in the semi-finals, eliminating him from the tournament. Nicholas Alexander, the tournament runner, who Francis accused many times of committing various unfair acts then forced Francis to fight in the Third Place match up against Akachi. Francis was swiftly defeated then too, placing him fourth in the AES World Cup.

Francis with the help of Rick Trent, has made an attempt to sue Nicholas Alexander for damages.

PRIZMA (2019-Current)

Francis Ugondus debuted during PRIZMA's Somersault Weekend event in the main event of Night 3, where he defeated El Beardy by disqualification.

AES Melée (2019-Current)

Francis Ugondus debuted for AES Melée at it's second event in a Elimination Chamber match qualifier against Big Boy Gladwin. While backstage rumblings of a tumultuous relationship brewed in wrestling rumor circles that Big Boy Gladwin brought to light in the lead up of this show, it was inevitably a trick by the pair as Big Boy threw the match for Francis Ugondus as they celebrated. However, Maximilian House would not let this happen and threw the match result out. He then rebooked a new match to take place in the main event with a mystery opponent awaiting for Francis Ugondus. This new opponent would be Captain Damion Daggor, who defeated Francis Ugondus to qualify for the Chamber match at Melée: Final Destination

One Offs (2014-Current)

Francis Ugondus has made cameo appearances on Total Distortion Wrestling, Total Distortion Wrestling: Kerfuffle! and FUCK IT; LET'S RASSLE.

Francis Ugondus also had a match on AES PrimeTime, where he secured his first victory in a tag team match with Francis_eBooks taking on Charanjeet Singh and his son, Ishan Singh.

#TOPGUYSdeJAPON (2018-Current)

i gotta write a bunch here.

Personal Life

Francis Ugondus was born in Miami, Florida on December 26, 1995. His family operates a towing business in the area, where his sister Francine Ugondus also works. However he split off to into his own business ventures that are highly successful, including his own shoe brand and a one off stint in android construction which led to the birth of Francis_eBooks.

Rumors have also swirled around Francis Ugondus being involved romantically with #TOPGUYdeJAPON stable mate Robyn Refferson despite reported tension between one of Robyn's romantic partners, Big Boy Gladwin, and Francis.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • RKO FEVER (Jumping Cutter) – 2014-present
    • PSYCHO DRIVUH (Psycho Driver) - 2016-Present
  • Signature Moves
    • BUY SHOES (Lost In The Woods)
  • Nicknames
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Burn in my Light" by Mercy Drive (September, 2014-September 18th, 2016)
    • "Glorious Domination" by CFO$ (September 18th, 2016)
    • "Upper Echelon" by Travi$ Scott feat. T.I. and 2 Chainz (September 18th, 2016-present)

Championships and accomplishments

Federations commentated for

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