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Warning: The following page contains language or terminology one may consider offensive or not safe for work as part of historical record. Reader discretion is advised.

Censored logo for F-Mania
Federation World Wrestling Armbar
Airdate June 27, 2012
Main Event(s) Girlyname vs. Viktor Zangief vs. Billy Gunn
Theme song(s) "Money" - Mystery Skulls
Event Chronology
Previous Event None
Next Event AES Renaissance
Miscellaneous Information
Show Runner The Doctor
Card Link F-Mania

AES F-Mania (also called WWA F-Mania) was a 2012 supershow often billed as the first canonical supershow in AES history. It started as WWA's flagship show, but when WWA folded, the remains of the card were picked up and reworked to create an all-encompassing event. It was also the first Fire Pro Wrestling Returns show broadcast on AES. It was main-evented by Girlyname vs. Viktor Zangief vs. Billy Gunn for the WWA World Heavyweight Championship.

The Event

F-Mania was originally meant to be a WWA event, but Nate's computer crashed two days before the event was supposed to go live, and the resulting loss of all his data left him too demoralized to continue the show or even WWA itself.

On-screen personnel
Role: Name:
Commentators N/A
Ring announcer The Tygerfire
Referees Spartan Ref
Kim Jong-Il
El Beardy

WWA Event

The original poster for WWA's F-Mania.

This was WWA's flagship show, and had plenty of long-awaited matches on the card, including the main event triple threat for the WWA World Heavyweight Championship, Super Blizzard vs. Rudy Cameron, Ciber Mesias vs. Ralf Jones, and El Trippy vs. a mystery rapper. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

As a supershow

F-Mania was built to be the closure of several AES rivalries, though many of them were on the meta side. The main event was always the planned WWA Championship match, but other matches were created along the way, some from the original F-Mania card and others due to personal clashes or in-jokes in Armbar Error Society. Much of the show came from the aftermath of the closure of MWAT, and emotions were running high. Jason East vs. Dreamy Mike Quality was booked as a commentator-vs.-commentator preshow match and was one of the first non-main-event matches revealed. The Starrenjahs were a tag team in MWAT that, while very popular, were only booked once, and Charanjeet Singh and Hajeed Samaroo were a tag team for the eFed SHAW that never debuted. The Netjesters vs. Vaughn was a holdover from the original card, and Big Bertha Pancakes and Cheex vs. Red Machine D and Smark Henry was billed as an "X-Pac Heat Match" as three of the four characters were disliked for one reason or another, and Cheex was just there because Matt thought he was funny to have in it. Two battle royals were held, featuring characters from AES's past and pre-AES, including now-Hall of Famer Jobber Bob, and the Rookie Battle Royal was a way to get new AES members on the card. John Laurinatis vs. El Trippy was booked because Stardy had a nightmare involving John Laurinaitis that prevented him from going to sleep, and Lotus Dragon vs. two bears was a direct reference to bears.txt. Laura Brennan vs. Skyler Altus was built from a forum rivalry, though the two did share some history in-kayfabe as well and have used the match to further their complicated relationship.

The match for the presidency of AES was, while silly, a match that many looked forward to. Following several polls and elections on the forums where David Tennant and Akiba Red were voted in as "President of AES", it was decided that the position would be contested in a match. The results were, of course, inconsequential, but the excitement for the match as well as the banner being changed to mark the event started the tradition of special banners for the forum. While it isn't brought up very often, it is generally agreed-upon that individuals named Akiba Red and David Tennant hold some kind of power in the AES conglomerate.[1]

Aside from the main event, other notable matches with storylines included Raiden vs. Dingo Patterson in what was billed as a bar room brawl to determine the tougher competitor, Hyper Blizzard and Derrick Brizen fighting in a cage match after barbs on Twitter escalated into a hardcore rivalry to determine who was the more vicious competitor, and Juan Cortes vs. Munch Mazing, two long-time rivals that never got their biggest blow-off match before the end of MWAT. This match was the second-biggest match in terms of cultural impact for AES, overshadowed only by the main event, as it is still an integral part of Juan Cortes's character.

With the card set, the event was streamed on Livestream on June 27, 2012, one year after the original F-Mania was meant to be streamed. The event broke the AES viewer record at the time, bringing in 50 viewers[2] and was partially-responsible for the long-time friendship between Armbar Error Society and NewLegacyInc.

Name & Controversy

The name of the event as it aired was not, in fact, F-Mania. From its conception as a WWA show to its execution as a supershow, the name was "Faggotmania", a name that has since been disavowed for being an offensive and generally unpleasant title. While it's easy to explain away the title as a product of edgy attempts at humor during a time where the majority of the userbase were far less mature, it actually has a deeper backstory. El Trippy's original name was a reference to imageboard culture's way of labeling those who don't remain anonymous as "tripfags", and during a promo tried to make WWA's largest show about himself by naming it after part of his name. The part that he chose was "Faggot", thus "Faggotmania". However, other users didn't realize it was in jest, and so it stuck. When the time came for it to be a supershow rolled around, it was insisted that the name stuck as part of the history of it. However, as the years have gone by, the name has become a black mark on the history of AES, hence the various euphemisms for it.

F-Mania on the AES Network opens with a disclaimer inspired by the Looney Tunes disclaimers that precede the more racist shorts during their rerelease. To edit the name completely would be to erase history, but to keep it around would make AES out to be something it has been trying to move away from. In the end, F-Mania may be important, but it was a different show for a different time.


No. Match Result Stipulation Notes
1 Jason East d. Dreamy Mike Quality via pinfall Singles Match
2 Charanjeet Singh & Hajeed Samaroo vs. The Starrenjahs went to a 30-minute time limit draw Tag Team Match The match was restarted under Super Sudden Death rules, which sped everyone up to 600%.
3 Charanjeet Singh & Hajeed Samaroo d. The Starrenjahs via pinfall Super Sudden Death Tag Team Match
4 Big Netjester (w/The Netjesters) d. Pro Bot Vaughn Singles Match
5 Juan Cortes d. Munch Mazing via pinfall Loser Leaves AES Match
6 Big Bertha Pancakes & Cheex d. Red Machine D & Smark Henry via sitting KO Tag Team Landmine Deathmatch The ring exploded after ten minutes, KOing Smark Henry. Cheex then won via sitting on Red Machine D until he was knocked out.
7 Aidros d. seven others[3] Over-the-top-rope Gimmick Battle Royal Aidros was entered into a match later that night as a result.
8 John Laurinaitis d. El Trippy I (w/El Beardy) via pinfall Singles Match
9 Lotus Dragon d. Two Bears via submission Handicap Match
10 Raiden d. Dingo Patterson via pinfall Australian Hardcore Deathmatch
11 The Tygerfire d. seven others[4] Eight-Rookie Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal The Tygerfire was entered into a match later that night as a result.
12 Akiba Red d. David Tennant via pinfall Singles Match to determine the President of AES Following the loss, David Tennant regenerated into Matt Smith
13 Matt Smith d. Akiba Red via countout Singles Match to determine the President of AES President of AES still unclear, though it is assumed they share the duties.
14 Hyper Blizzard d. Derrick Brizen via pinfall Hardcore Steel Cage Match
15 The Tygerfire d. Aidros via KO Singles Match The Tygerfire used a vicious backdrop that earlier in the night knocked out BILLY MAYS.
16 Laura Brennan (w/Lance Meszaros) d. Skyler Altus via pinfall in round 2. MMA Rounds Match
17 Viktor Zangief d. Billy Gunn, Girlyname (c) Triple Threat Match for the WWA World Heavyweight Championship Zangief knocked Girlyname out with a triple powerbomb.


  1. It's worth noting that the referee for this match was inexplicably named Kim Jong-Il after a suggestion by Dirk Derek.
  2. The maximum Livestream allowed for a non-Pro channel
  3. Reverend D-Von, Punter, F. Bruce, Baghead, Toxic Dragon, MGX, Jobber Bob
  4. Firsty, Fatty McYardtard, Patrick Wallace, Caid Murdock, Holt Hogan, BILLY MAYS, Timberwolf

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