Estramir Mastern

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Estramir Mastern
Estramir Mastern in WWE 2K14
Born Ireland
Residence Oxford, England
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Estramir Mastern
Billed height 6'4"
Billed weight 239 lbs.
Billed from Oxford, England
Trained by Laura Brennan
Lance Meszaros
Debut December 19th, 2009 for
Notable Fed(s) PW:AS
Current Theme "You Know My Name" - Poets Of The Fall
Miscellaneous Information
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Professional wrestling career

Early Career (2009-2010)

After getting his degree in psychology at Cambridge, Estramir pursued his other passion of wrestling. Whilst wrestling on the independent scene with his friend and tag team parter Rich Lawton, he was inspired by the likes of Laura Brennan and Mick Spade in /W/WF, another independent organization at the time. When Estramir saw an opportunity to secure a contract with its competition ACW in the summer of 2009, he decided to escape his current commitments. This included his tag team partner, and just before leaving to join ACW's training school, he turned on Rich.

Under the tutelage of Laura Brennan and Lance Meszaros, Estramir spent a few months learning the ropes before moving to the main show in December. His first PPV match was against Osakan Destroyer, who was another rookie at the time. Estramir lost the match, but despite what people called his "arrogant" behaviour, a level of respect was found between Estramir and OD.

A few months later he won his first champion, the ACW Cruiserweight Championship. Estramir would successfully defend the championship on a number of occasions before losing it to Garth Wrestlegar Snr. It was at this time Estramir debated moving on from ACW due to having personal issues with multiple main event names such as Lance Meszaros and Ciber Mesias, but it was these issues that made him a fan favourite for a short amount of time. After Lance's recent betrayal of Team HENSHIN, causing Estramir's teacher Laura Brennan to be put in a difficult spot, Estramir was seen to be deeply affected by the event and his performance suffered after losing to Lance in a world championship tournament.

It was at this time Estramir focused his efforts on SCW. During 2010, Estramir's success was found in defeating the likes of Mick Spade and Laura Brennan, winning the Cruiserweight Champion as well as the World Championship 3 times. Estramir was also responsible for starting a stable called The Network, which included Juan Cortes Jr., a group of new names looked to overcome the dominate mainstay main eventers. The stable would dissolve and Estramir would eventually settle his differences with Lance Meszaros and Laura Brennan to form a new trio. Lance and Estramir would win tag team gold whilst Laura won the World Championship. The relationship between Estramir and his teacher Laura was described as "complex" with the two having a few ups and downs whilst working together in SCW, disagreeing with their views on the industry, but towards the end of SCW's run, the two were seen as close friends.

MWAT (2011)

Estramir as MWAT World Champion

After SCW closed its doors, Estramir would join many other ACW and SCW roster members in MWAT. Once again Estramir experienced early title success, winning the MWAT Hardcore Championship. Whilst the two never settled their differences, during early MWAT, Estramir engaged in a rivalry with Skyler Altus, engaging in a war of words on multiple occasions. In the build up to the MWAT Climax event, Estramir's former tag team partner Rich Lawton returned swearing revenge on Estramir. Estramir would retain the Hardcore Championship against Rich at MWAT Climax.

Estramir went on to set his sights on the MWAT World Championship, but suffered setbacks early on in a championship tournament. He lost early in the tournament to rookie Buffet Barbarian. Estramir saw this as an upset victory to a lesser opponent, however this match would be the first chapter of the four year Estramir Mastern vs. Ronald Gibson rivalry.

The MWAT Wall Street Bash provided Estramir another opportunity to get into the main event championship scene. At the event he became MWAT's Mr. Hustler, by defeating The Rifleman, Skyler Altus, Aidros, Jerez and Ultraman in a ladder match. The briefcase Estramir won allowed him to cash in for a world championship match at any time.

At the following MWAT Confusion, Estramir would defend his Hardcore Championship against Rich Lawton again. This time, Rich Lawton was victorious and became the new champion. Later that night in the main event, World Champion Munch Mazing lost a tag team match alongside Ciber Mesias. Estramir would use this opportunity to immediately cash in his title shot. After a short match, Estramir was crowned the new MWAT World Champion. Whilst considered a controversial move, Estramir would go on record as declaring his actions as "fair" due to multiple factors involved around the match.

His first defence was a successfully one, defeating Austin Ashe, Munch Mazing and Buffet Barbarian in a Hell in a Cell match. Estramir pinned Barbarian in the match, the loss affecting Barbarian greatly and leading to his transformation into the Sumrak persona. Sumrak's debut involved defeating Estramir in quick fashion. Soon after Estramir lost his championship in a 6 man hell in a cell. Estramir was not pinned but his biggest rival Sumrak was able to win the championship.

At this time the Munch Wins Order debuted, its main members being Munch Mazing and Ciber Mesias. The group would attack Sumrak and Estramir and interfere in multiple matches, making enemies out of many of the MWAT roster. Both Estramir and Sumrak would attempt to put their differences aside to fight the group. Estramir also attempted to bring in his former Network allies Laura Brennan and Lance Meszaros but new rifts had formed over the months, leading to the two sides feuding again.

As time moved on, the climate of the MWAT changed. Estramir became a fan favourite towards the end of MWAT, challenging the controversial authority. This would see a calmer and more fun side to Estramir. He rebuilt bridges with Laura Brennan and formed a team with Ronald Gibson, who had since moved on from the Sumrak persona. Estramir and Ronald had a match on an episode of MWAT Confusion and Ronald was victorious. However both were unsatisfied with the climate of MWAT and attempted to create a movement behind one final rematch at the second instalment of MWAT's flagship event, MWAT Climax. However, MWAT would close before the final match could happen.

World Freestyle League (2012)

Estramir in World Freestyle League

A few months later, Laura Brennan and Lance Meszaros would start World Freestyle League and Estramir was part of the first wave of talents that signed a contract with the company. Despite becoming a fan favourite, in his first two months in WFL Estramir battled his own self doubts and trust in Laura and Lance, giving himself and them deadlines to get him into a championship picture.

After a victory over George Costanza Estramir would gain momentum, consistently picking up wins and being high up on Lance Meszaros' points ranking system. At Moments Of Tranquility 21, he defeated Maximus to win the WFL European Championship. He would successfully defend it multiple times, setting the company record for the longest singles championship reign. He would lose the championship to El Beardy at WFL's last event, WFL Argonautica

Throughout his time in WFL, Estramir would pursue other championships, falling short in major tournaments for both the WFL World Championship and the WFL Tag Team Championships where he reunited with a returning Ronald Gibson to form Natural Born Competition

Inactivity And Uncertainty (2013)

When WFL closed, Estramir was inactive for the first time in his career. After spending some time with friends and seeing their difficult situations, Estramir changed his outlook on the industry. He began to feel being a hero was a thankless job in an industry that saw many acts of betrayal. With many people changing and without a place to wrestle, Estramir began to doubt his abilities and his purpose in AES. Estramir soon joined TFIAH but would have limited success, only picking up a few wins and losing to other competitors who were rising up the ranks in AES. Estramir would embrace old villainous ways once again, no longer being on speaking terms with Ronald Gibson or Laura Brennan. A form of interaction would come at Golden Triad Tournament 2013 where Estramir Mastern faced a team that included Laura Brennan and Lance Meszaros. Estramir would make Lance Meszaros tap out, giving him some momentum, but Estramir's losing ways would resume.

Taking his old villainous ways and combining it with education in psychology, Estramir vowed to start reforming AES to prevent the "psychological deterioration", spending most of his time targeting fan favourites. After seeing Richie Stevens and his struggles in IBW, Estramir would start playing mind games with fan favourites, questioning their morals and testing their psychological limitations. Estramir would refer to himself as the only trustworthy and "incorruptible" in AES, choosing to work alone and being openly critical of anyone who put their trust into anyone forming an alliance in AES. One his first targets was Seth, who he called out in the build towards AES Renaissance and the two would exchange heated words over the following weeks.

A victory over Vic Vandal on the road to the big event would grant him a spot in the Renaissance Night 2 battle royal, which also featured Seth. In the 8 person match, Estramir would make it to the final two, only to lose to Blackout by submission.

Return To The Main Event, Zenith Pro Wrestling and New Origin Wrestling (2014 to 2015)

Estramir's appearance underwent a major change for his re-invention as the "Incorruptible" Psychologist.
Despite the loss to Blackout, Estramir's new mindset had given him some momentum going into 2014. Along with Wrestling And Tag Teams, Estramir would join Zenith Pro Wrestling. A re-invigorated Estramir quickly returned to the World Championship scene after defeating surprise opponent Richie Stevens in the main event of ZPW's first show.

2014 would begin a series of wins for Estramir in both WAT and ZPW, his highest point coming at ZPW Carpe Diem where Estramir won an Elimination Chamber match, eliminating Osakan Destroyer last to win the match and the ZPW Championship, albeit thanks to Blackout's interference in the match. When Richie Stevens became number one contender, the two would resume their rivalry briefly before ZPW's closure. Estramir however would refuse to relinquish the title and would continue to defend it on a freelance basis.

During his time in ZPW, Estramir became a key staff member of New Origin Wrestling. He was introduced on the first episode as a Consultant Psychologist to the rookies on the show. During the next year, Estramir would resume his rivalry with Ronald Gibson for the final time. Since WFL, the two had gone their separate ways and in the early stage of the rivalry, Ronald attempted to get Estramir to see the errors of his ways and for them to pick up their friendship where they left off.

Over the coming months, Estramir would attempt to get Ronald Gibson to "snap", therefore proving that the "Sumrak" side of Ronald Gibson had not gone away. Whilst NOW owner Sam Sampson had the top authority on the show, Estramir would use his working relationship and power with Sam Sampson to get Ronald Gibson fired from his Pro role in NOW, painting him as mentally unstable and unfit for the role.

During this time another NOW pro Gavin Gamble was feuding with Ronald and the two worked together to try and expose Ronald Gibson as Sumrak. Whilst Ronald attempted to have one final match with Estramir, he used his staff powers to decline the challenge. During NOW Episode 6, both would start their plans. Ronald Gibson met with Sam Sampson in private, and whilst Sam Sampson did not fully trust Ronald, he agreed to remove restrictions that Estramir had placed on Ronald.[1]

However on the following episode, after had planted doubts around NOW about Ronald's state of mind, Ronald was heard talking about embracing the monster. On Episode 8, Ronald Gibson debuted a darker look and more aggressive ring style, prompting Estramir to stage an intervention with Ronald Gibson in the ring the following show, to which Sam Sampson reluctantly agreed.

The aftermath of the final match between Estramir and Ronald, which lasted 30 minutes and pushed both men to their limits

Estramir's intervention was met with silence by Ronald Gibson as he did not speak a word throughout. Estramir resorted to showing footage of himself and Ronald's wife Maria Gibson together in a restaurant where Maria talked about her concerns regarding Ronald's health. After further comments by Estramir, Ronald would attack Estramir. Estramir would immediately request Ronald Gibson be fired on the following episode for attacking a staff member.

At the public firing, it was revealed that Maria Gibson was actually in on Ronald's plan as well as Sam Sampson as well. Without any other options, Estramir finally agreed to a final match with Ronald. On night two of NOW: A Journey Through Time, four and a half years after their first encounter, Estramir would ultimately lose to Ronald Gibson in a 30 minute contest that went on to win Match of the Year 2015. After the match, Estramir promised a new resolve in an interview. A final meeting with Ronald showed a small level of respect between the two, but Estramir refused to change his ways or apologize, still resulting in unresolved differences for the time being. As Ronald left in a limousine, Estramir apologized with no one around him to hear it.

Self Doubts, Various Feuds in SAPW and PW:AS (2015 to Present)

Estramir's debut in SAPW saw him continue his rivalry with Seth

On SAPW 31, two months before his final match with Ronald, Estramir debuted in SAPW spectating a match between Ryan Davis and Seth. After Cazz Jordann interfered in the match, multiple incidents occurred, one of which was Estramir punching Seth from the crowd after getting into an argument with him.

After his match with Ronald, Estramir went to the Lake District for a few days to reflect on his goals and his mindset. [2] This period of meditation had him challenge his doubts and inner conflicts as well as an internal battle with who he used to be. Estramir emerged from his time away with a stronger resolve and took it with him to his next feuds.

This carried over into his feud with Seth where Estramir would challenge Seth's approach to wrestling and make controversial statements about his past. Estramir made his first ZPW Championship defence against Seth at SAPW Versus 7, winning by count-out after giving Seth a low blow on the ramp. In the coming months Estramir would pick up more victories, defeating Lakeem, Travis Cassidy and Mew. Estramir would successfully get into Seth's head at SAPW 34 challenging Seth's mindset once again and later during Seth's ZPW Championship contenders match against Travis. Estramir would slide a chair into the ring after the referee was taken out, encouraging Seth to use it to get his championship match, which he did.

Estramir would also get interest from other parties regarding his ZPW Championship, including Blackout. However Estramir wanted to do everything he could to avoid facing Blackout, so he arranged a deal with him. Estramir would use his links in the world of psychology to sabotage Richie Stevens' therapy session and help ensure his downfall, something that Blackout had been working towards. In exchange, Blackout would stay out of Estramir's way and avoid challenging for his championship. Estramir also revealed that he had sensitive information on Blackout that he would use if Blackout broke the deal.[3]

Estramir's other main rivalry involved Laura Brennan. After two years of no contact, Laura unexpectedly showed up on NOW 12 to confront Estramir about his feud with Ronald Gibson. After his loss to Ronald, Estramir decided that he could not avoid Laura any longer and decided to visit her to try and understand her perspectives.[4] However, Estramir would use his trickery to avoid giving Laura a direct one on one match. In a triple threat match on PW:AS involving himself, Brennan and Gavin Gamble, Estramir would spend the match on the outside, only getting involved to attack Gamble and set up a victory for Laura.

Next, Estramir would challenge Brennan to a match on NOW Elite 4 promising the first one on one match between them in six years. However it was reveal to be an act of deception when Estramir walked out of the match after two minutes of chain wrestling. After the match Estramir had stated that she had not impressed him enough to warrant a full match.[5]

Not long after the match Laura would visit Estramir in Oxford to reveal the truth about Lance Meszaros, however the two still did not resolve their differences.[6] Estramir would continue to keep a distance including a four way match involving the two, as well as Richie Stevens and Tyler Rykren. However with Laura's performance in a match with Derrick Brizen, Estramir finally accepted that Laura had done enough to impress him to earn a proper rematch with no deception.[7]

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Metamotivation (Spear)
    • Fugue State (Future Shock DDT)
    • The Breakthrough (Rocket Kick)
  • Signature Moves
    • Excitotoxicity (Curbstomp)
    • Kingston DDT (Modified Lifting DDT)
  • Nicknames
    • Incorruptible
    • The Real Competition
    • The Dapper Delight/Disaster
  • Entrance Themes
    • Time is Running Out [Instrumental] by Muse
    • Corporate Master (Mashup of Corporate Player and Master of Puppets) by Stumpy
    • Captain Jack's Theme by Murray Gold
    • You Know My Name by Chris Cornell
    • You Know My Name by Poets of The Fall

Personal Life

Estramir was born on June 20th, 1986. Estramir has some Irish heritage, which he has made it known to his family that he is ashamed of where he was raised. [8]

Estramir is currently dating a Oxford University professor, who appears to admire Estramir's psychology work in AES. Estramir has urged her to stay away from the wrestling industry for her own safety.

Championships and accomplishments

  • AES
    • Wrestler of the Year (2014)
    • Bad Guy of the Year (2015)
    • Match of the Year (2015) with Ronald Gibson
    • Feud of the Year (2014, 2015) with Ronald Gibson
  • MWAT
    • MWAT Hardcore Champion (1 time)
    • MWAT's Mr. Hustler (1 time)
    • MWAT World Heavyweight Champion (1 time)
  • SCW
    • SCW Tag Team Champion (1 time)
    • SCW Light Heavyweight Champion (1 time)
    • SCW World Heavyweight Champion (3 times)
  • WFL
    • WFL European Championship (1 time)
  • ZPW
    • ZPW Champion (1 time, currently defending on a freelance basis)

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