Divine Comedy Productions

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Divine Comedy Productions
Acronym DCP
Years Active April 2018 - Present
Owner Unknown
General Manager(s) Augus Roy, as part of the Asphodel Meadows prize package
Current Theme "Sedona" - Houndmouth
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head OpinionHaver
Forum Link Divine Comedy Productions

Divine Comedy Productions is a mixed-medium eFed by OpinionHaver run in WWE 2k19 and Fire Pro Wrestling World, with occasional text write-ups in place of an episode. The eFed itself was announced at the conclusion of the rookie tournament Asphodel Meadows which in hindsight served as the pilot for Divine Comedy Productions; it is now in its second season following the crowning of its first World Champion, Freddie Louis.


Following Augus Roy's victory at Night #3 of Asphodel Meadows, it was announced that part of the prize package was the opportunity to become the General Manager for a brand new federation operating under the name Divine Comedy Productions. Roy accepted the offer, and two full-length shows were subsequently made and aired, with Roy losing in the main event of the first in a self-selected match against Grigori Ginoveaf. However, low ticket sales and widely publicised poor working conditions caused several wrestlers to walk away from the company (notably in breach of their contracts, although the company never followed up on this due largely to the fear of attracting yet more negative attention) as well as forcing its shows off the air thanks to diminishing funds rendering it necessary to sell off much of their technical equipment. The next three shows were therefore not filmed, although records of their results exist both online and in several local newspapers.

DCP made its return to the air shortly prior to National E-Wrestling Day 7, with a special minisode to determine which of eight wrestlers (namely Gengar, Roze O. Flavio, Aisha Bishop, Rose Parker, Dinah, Amy Roselyn, Freddie Louis, and El Beardy) would be eligible to take part in the federation's first World Title match. At NEWD 7, the victors of these so-called Elysian Crown playoffs - Flavio, Parker, Dinah, and Louis - competed in a four-person battle royal that was ultimately won by Louis, Asphodel Meadows' second-place finisher and now DCP's inaugural World Champion.


    • The Elysian Crown: the aforementioned World Title. It was announced on DCP #1, and so were the terms of its contention; the first five episodes of Divine Comedy Productions were to be dedicated to a points tournament, with the four competitors who managed to rack up the most points progressing onwards to the next stage. Points were accrued through winning matches, each competitor having been assigned a value based on their placement in the Asphodel Meadows tournament. Moreover, a limited number of wrestlers who hadn't competed in Asphodel Meadows were allowed to enter the competition by wrestling against each other in qualifiers that would grant them a set amount of points: 1 point on episode 1, 2 points on episode 2, and 3 points in episode 3 (with the point increase intended to aid those who qualified later and would therefore have fewer chances to wrestle and earn more). After these five shows, the four competitors to advance were Gengar (eliminated in the second round of Asphodel Meadows, advancing with 13 points), Freddie Louis (second-place finisher at Asphodel Meadows, advancing with 11 points), Dinah (eliminated in the semi-finals of Asphodel Meadows, advancing with 10 points), and Aisha Bishop (eliminated in the first round of Asphodel Meadows, advancing with 9 points). Following this points tournament, it was announced that there was a second stage to determine who could participate in the first title match; each of the qualified competitors had to face off in a singles match against an established veteran, to prove that they could hold their own within the Armbar Error Society at large (as, while DCP had opened its doors to any and all AES wrestlers, Asphodel Meadows had been a tournament contested exclusively between rookies and newcomers to AES). Freddie Louis defeated El Beardy and Dinah defeated Amy Roselyn, while Gengar and Aisha Bishop lost to Roze O. Flavio and Rose Parker respectively; in the title match, Parker and Flavio were the first eliminees, and Louis ultimately triumphed over Dinah for the third time in their brief AES careers. Since then, he has had one successful title defence, on DCP #2.1, against Rudy Cameron.
    • The Azerbachian Celestial Orb: on DCP #2.1, Prophet Osiris introduced a new title, claiming it held the power of the God Azerbach himself and was therefore more significant than the Elysian Crown. He named himself as the title holder, but was swiftly attacked and defeated by Ryogoku Kuze, Don Wayne, and Don Wayne's pig friend. It was announced firstly that Kuze was the new holder of the Orb, and secondly that it was to be officially contested under 24/7 rules.

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