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Acronym None
Years Active January 2019 - Present
Owner The International Society of Astonishing Abnormalities
General Manager(s) Rocko Hunter
Current Theme "The Legend is True!" - The Aquabats
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head Beardy
Forum Link Daikaiju

Daikaiju is an eFed by Beardy run in Fire Pro Wrestling World. It is a wrestling league that is promoted by The International Society of Astonishing Abnormalities, a mysterious government agency that keeps the weirdest creatures on the planet at bay. Upon realizing that the inhabitants of their facility was growing restless, they hatched a plan with the Armbar Error Society to start up a wrestling league in order to let them get out their aggression.


Monsters, cryptids, aliens, ghosts, you name it! They are real, very, very real. The government likes to tell you otherwise, but that was to protect their secret. A secret that was kept for many years until now. The International Society of Astonishing Abnormalities facility in question can only hold so many of these monstrosities, and they're growing restless. Sure, some of them like being in captivity, but for everything that is good, there MUST be an evil.

On a day to day basis, these beings attempt to escape and wreak havoc, there have been incidents similar to prison riots but much, much worse. The International Society of Astonishing Abnormalities knew something had to be done, they needed to figure out a way to allow these creatures to let off steam in a controlled environment. And that's where the Armbar Error Society comes in.

The International Society of Astonishing Abnormalities came into contact with officials from AES, and long story short, they reached a deal where these creatures can compete in a controlled environment known as the squared circle and are allowed to do absolutely whatever they want to each other. And hey, if you're gonna put them in a wrestling ring, may as well try to get ticket sales and ratings off of this.

All of these violent and unpredictable beings will be let loose to cause as much mayhem and destruction as they please, but to keep things at least sort of under control, a team of heroes have been appointed to make sure these beings don't get too out of line. Hell, some of them are monsters themselves.

A wrestling league designed to host some of the weirdest creatures on the planet, and it will be known as Daikaiju. Per tradition, there will be rewards for the best of the best to compete for so that they can ignore such things as world domination, feasting on human flesh, and just generally causing a ruckus to the public.


  • The Marvelous Daikaiju Championship: The grand championship of Daikaiju, the biggest prize in all of the league. For the heroes, this is what it's all about, and for the villains, this is equal to things such as world domination and power. As for the rogues, who the hell knows what's up with them, but you know they want this. Currently, there is no champion. However, this will be decided at Version 1.5: Lights! Camera! Mayhem!
  • The Multi-Mayhem Championships: These championship titles are very different compared to your typical tag team championships. While it is traditionally defended two against two, as shown in the Multi-Mayhem Eliminator that took place over from Version 1.0 to Version 1.5, it can also be defended with teams of three or teams of four. These championships can also be defended with any combination of a team, such as a faction of four monsters could defend the title with any combination of two, three or four.
  • The Monster Mash Championship: This championship title can only be defended in non-one on one matches, so it could be anywhere from three, five, ten, fifty, or a hundred! While it is traditionally defended in a Monster Mash Battle Royale, it can be defended in any kind of match with multiple opponents only.

Timeline of Version 1

Over the course of Version 1.1 through Version 1.4. there were two tournaments running at the same time. One of them was for the Multi-Mayhem Championships, where the team of liks lewgaa and SCP-REDCATED and the team of Clump Slugtongue and The Goblin of War reached the finals. As for the other, we saw the Marvelous Daikaiju Championship tournament take place where Mothman and Danger Tiger qualified for the finals. The third participant is to be decided at Summer Feds Done Quick 2019 after the original participant had to be replaced.

Also during this time, we saw many non-tournament encounters. The team of Mr. Big Shot and Sir Valiant were jumped by a mysterious monster known as Colossal Wall Climber after one of their tag team matches. There was also a series of phone calls to the general manager, Rocko Hunter that were warning of an impending doom. However, The International Society of Astonishing Abnormalities quickly gave Rocko Hunter a call of their own, claiming that the situation was 'taken care of'.

The next event for Daikaiju is Version 1.5: "Lights! Camera! Action!" where we will see the finals of both of these tournaments, as well as crown our first ever Monster Mash Champion. A special attraction match between Mr. X and Saxton Hale, then finally a match between Mr. Big Shot and Colossal Wall Climber.

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