DJ Wavebird

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DJ Wavebird
DJ Wavebird chillin' in HYPERION.
Born Rumored to be early 90s.
Baja California, Mexico
Residence Mermaid Cathedral, Pacific Ocean
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) DJ Wavebird
Billed height 5'0
Billed weight 111lbs
Billed from The Great Coral Reef
Trained by Self-taught
Debut September 2015, CNW New Aces! Episode 1
Notable Fed(s) CNW New ACES! (former)
UOW (former)
UWOT (former)
Current Theme "Trancegender" - Pictureplane
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by Francis Ugondus

DJ Wavebird is a Mexican professional wrestler currently trapped inside HYPERION but also signed to LAW.

Early Life

Not much is known about DJ Wavebird's early life before entering the sport of professional wrestling outside of her being an not well known underground electronic music artist residing in her hometown of Baja California, Mexico. She took an interest in professional wrestling by becoming a super fan of Doyale Mackenzie and took up wrestling to meet him and compete alongside him.

Professional Wrestling Career

Super Rookie Year (2015-2016)

DJ Wavebird made her debut in Casino Night Wrestling's developmental promotion, New ACES! and then promptly debuted for Uncharted Oceans Wrestling the following month in their double elimination tournament to determine the first ever UOW Women's Champion.

New ACES! promptly shut it's doors after only having one show, leaving a undeveloped self taught DJ Wavebird to fend on UOW's cruise ship. However she wouldn't do it alone, as she quickly formed a friendship with her favorite wrestler, Doyale Mackenzie. She also found unexpected success in the championship tournament as she went all the way to the winner's semi-finals alongside Sophia Archfield, proving herself to be a strange savant when it came to wrestling. Sophia, who had displayed more aggressive tendencies throughout the tournament cheated to defeat Wavebird, breaking her nose in the process, and inserted herself into the inaugural championship match for the victory. DJ Wavebird however would defeat Captain Jill Swallows in the loser's finals at the last show before UOW: Man Overboard to get her rematch with Sophia Archfield.

In a attire in tribute to her favorite wrestler, DJ Wavebird went through a personal one on one match with Sophia at Man Overboard and was able to defeat her, becoming UOW's first Women's World Champion.

Later on in 2016, she would also joint win the Female Wrestler of the Year award, sharing it with Rose Parker.

However, she would also be UOW's final Women's World Champion as the promotion closed due to high financial cost. Her super rookie year in UOW had came to an end.

Going Through The Wavy Motions (2016-2018)

After the closure of UOW, DJ Wavebird still had work with another promotion she had signed with, United Wrestlers of Tonight. Mostly staying out of the Gerard power struggle occurring within the company, she found success here as well as she won the UWOT Tag Team Championships with her favorite wrestler, Doyale Mackenzie. However, she did not leave as much as an impact in UWOT as she did in UOW, and her relationship with Doyale became distant after Doyale vored Poseidon, the Greek God of Water.[1]

She also signed subsequent deals with other AES federations that fell through. Most notably with ROSE, as that company folded before she could debut.

One of defining moments of this time period came at the end of her and Doyale's tag team championship reign. Up to that point, she had never lost a match in a clean fashion. However she would end up being pinned clean in their final tag team championship defense, a moment in which she did not care much for. This was the precursor for what she would end up becoming.

Wrestling Without A Care (2018-current)

After the closure of UWOT, DJ Wavebird was largely silent in the professional wrestling scene. Despite reaching the highest of highs and amassing a huge fan base that rallied behind her, Wavebird simply did not care. She turned back to her fledgling music career before returning to wrestling just to help pay the bills. She had signed a lucrative deal with both LAW and HYPERION to support herself.

However, this would end up being a mistake. She, alongside every other person signed to HYPERION, found themselves kidnapped and placed on a submarine without any law and order. DJ Wavebird however initially relished in this due to the fact it meant she could now live in the ocean full time without a care in the world. She formed her own religious center, the Mermaid Cathedral, and started a friendship with fellow HYPERION signee, SIN.

She found moderate success in the federation, putting on impressive displays for a person coasting on talent alone. However, the situation would turn to the worse not just for her, but the whole roster when Shogo Mido murdered two fellow wrestlers on board the ship. The situation worsened when he placed a bounty on Symon Demyan, threatening their families on the surface if they did not meet his demands. DJ Wavebird responded by locking herself in her own cathedral.

Other Appearances

DJ Wavebird has competed on AES PrimeTime, where she won a date with any superstar of her choosing in a Mistletoe Battle Royal. She had a wavy trip.

DJ Wavebird has competed on SYDESHOW +3, defeating Madelyn House, Jr..

Personal Life

DJ Wavebird was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with Doyale Mackenzie, but it has never been confirmed. Much of her personal life is kept hushed. She is also an electronic music artist who goes under the same handle as her wrestling one. She is a huge fan of the ocean and all things aquatic. She is into sea punk culture.

Championships and Accomplishments

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • The Wavelength (Side Effect)
    • The Wavelength (Coast To Coast)
  • Signature moves
    • The Wavelength (Zig Zag 1)
    • The Wavelength (Zig Zag 2)
  • Entrance themes
    • Trancegender - Pictureplane (2018 - Current)
    • Miami Disco - Perturbator (2015 - 2018)


  1. No this isn't a bit NT wrote a segment of Doyale voring Poseidon.