Cobra T. Washington

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Cobra T. Washington
Cobra With Belt.PNG
Cobra T. Washington as CNW Television Champion on CNW Live! 1.
Born September 19, 1989
Thetford, England
Residence Various motels
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Cobra T. Washington
Doc Matthews[1]
Billed height 6'2"
Billed weight 236 lbs.
Billed from Nashville, TN
Trained by Handsome Harold
Debut December 2011 for
World Freestyle League
Notable Fed(s) WFL
Current Theme "One Bad Day" - Bobaflex
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by The Doctor

Kevin Faulkner (sometimes called Matthew McAllistair) is a professional wrestler best known as Cobra T. Washington. He debuted in 2012 for World Freestyle League, with runs in Casino Nights Wrestling and New Origin Wrestling. He is a former CNW Television Champion. He started as a rebel without a cause, inspired by the music of Meat Loaf and films such as The Warriors and is most known for his personal story as CNW Television Champion that eventually lead to his departure from the wrestling world.

Professional wrestling career

Early life and career

Cobra T. Washington was trained by "Handsome" Gene Harold between 2003 and 2005.[2] He began his career under the name Doc Matthews, wrestling his first match in Rockford, Tennessee. He finished training the day before a biker gang rally and somewhat vanished from public consciousness shortly after. It was later revealed that the cause of his hiatus was due to a traumatic eye injury received at said rally by the Snake Eyes gang. Eventually he became a minor independent journeyman wrestler, changing his ring name to Cobra T. Washington. After a stint as such on the independent scene, he was picked up in 2011 for a contract with World Freestyle League.

World Freestyle League (2011-2012)

Cobra debuted on the first episode of World Freestyle League in a match with Sir Dan Danielson III, Violence, and Juan Cortes, a match which he won. In a conversation captured before WFL episode 2, it was revealed that Cobra had the desire to meet up with someone from his past, a person as yet unknown.[3] After some run-ins with Trip Marteney and a few small victories to qualify for a chance in the WFL World Championship Tournament, Cobra would start a rivalry with Mike Kendo that would extend into much of the upcoming few cycles. However, Cobra didn't have time to worry about losing in the first round to Kendo for long, as at WFL Seventh Heaven, Cobra was forced to have a Loser Leaves WFL match with Red Reddington. In the end, Cobra would come out victorious. At WFL 8, Cobra lost to Austin Ashe after being rolled up.[4]

Befriending Hyper Blizzard

Cobra T. Washington's first friend in AES, Hyper Blizzard.

During WFL 11, Cobra met fellow wrestler Hyper Blizzard for the first time, a meeting that set off events that would change both people forever.[5] The two would slowly grow closer as the weeks rolled on, and after Cobra suffered a rough loss to Derrick Brizen at WFL 12, the two officially became friends.[6] Shortly afterwards, Hyper Blizzard learned that Cobra usually slept in the locker room at the arena before shows. During a match with Dingo Patterson and Mike Kendo at WFL 13, Cobra was busted open and bloodied, something that deeply disturbed him, though he was pulled back from the brink by Hyper.[7]. At WFL 14, Cobra suffered an embarrassing loss to Munch Calypso and was later attacked by Mike Kendo, frustrations between the two finally boiling over and a match between them being made for the next WFL PPV, WFL Excalibur. After the match was announced, Cobra asked Hyper Blizzard to further train him, thus signaling the start of Cobra's new look and wrestling style.[8] At WFL Excalibur, Cobra debuted a new theme, attire, and finishing maneuvers - the Armbar and the Shining Blizzard, both of which were taught to him by Hyper Blizzard. Hyper also designed his new singlet.[9] During their training session, Hyper Blizzard compared Cobra to her brother, Tommy.

Cobra T. Washington in WFL post-Excalibur.

Betty feud and Amber Ember

Post-Excalibur, the landscape of WFL had changed. Amber Ember had defeated Laura Brennan to become WFL Women's Champion, Austin Ashe was the WFL General Manager, and Cobra and Hyper were looking to improve their careers and move forward. Cobra had a new look, though he hadn't managed to move past some old demons, as evidenced by his reaction to a loss in a street fight that also featured Mike Kendo on WFL 17.[10] At WFL 19, Cobra and Mike Kendo brawled backstage once more while Hyper Blizzard beat Birdy L to become number one contender for the women's championship. Before WFL Rise of The Titans, Cobra and Hyper met at The Paper Gangster to discuss the upcoming show, but get sidetracked because Amber Ember had just confessed her love to Hyper Blizzard, an experience neither of them were expecting.[11]

After their first meeting at the bar, Hyper Blizzard defeated Derrick Brizen at F-Mania, an event she told Cobra not to watch during a video message filmed at her brother's old house.[12] Cobra was upset by this and concerned for her well-being, leading to a tense second meeting shortly before Rise Of The Titans.[13] After Rise of The Titans, Hyper Blizzard and Amber Ember's relationship continued, with Cobra and Hyper having fights via text that only served to exacerbate the problems in their failing friendship. At WFL 21, Hyper Blizzard defeated Amber Ember to win the WFL Women's Championship. Following the match, Maximus entered with unsavory intentions and Cobra made the save, and what was to be a celebration between the two friends turned into one of their biggest fights to date. Once again, Cobra was compared to Tommy, though far less favorably this time.[14]

Following their fight, Maximus continued to set his sights on Cobra, eventually claiming to be an alien called Betty. While this was going on, Hyper Blizzard started to spread rumors, particularly getting in the ear of Ron Gibson, that Cobra had done some heinous misdeeds. Cobra didn't deny the allegations as he thought she meant what he said during the fight, though this intensified until WFL 23 where Cobra faced Gibson and Holt Hogan in a triple threat contest. Meanwhile, Cobra became convinced that Betty's moustache was possessed by an alien, hence his sudden and alarming change in physique, something no one let him live down.[15]

WFL Odyssey

Super Blizzard returning at WFL Odyssey

At WFL 23, Hyper Blizzard lost her championship to Shaymin after Amber Ember shared with her mid-match the information that Super Blizzard had been found dead. This shocked Cobra and Hyper both, and after some interventions by Erin Toyota and Crisis as well as some poor life choices, the two were eventually placed in a match at WFL Odyssey against Amber Ember and Betty. Before Odyssey, the two former friends went to an abandoned gym to train, and after a somewhat-violent session, the two made up, albeit briefly.[16]

During WFL Odyssey, Betty shut down Maximus's body to finish the final transformation, leaving Amber Ember without a tag team partner until she brought out a replacement.

It was Super Blizzard.[17]

Super Blizzard

Following the events of WFL Odyssey, the WFL Tag Team Tournament that ended at WFL Gemini began. Teams were randomized, and Betty & Cobra were placed into a team together. They lost first round to Mike Kendo and Groudon. Cobra further toyed with the idea that Betty's moustache was possessed, drawing ire and laughter from most people around AES, and after Super Blizzard and his partner Lotus Dragon were eliminated from the WFL Tag Team Tournament, he, Cobra, and Maximus were set to face each other in a triple threat match at Gemini, a match that Betty won. Before the show, on his birthday, Cobra went to the Paper Gangster alone to tell Marceline about Betty's possessed moustache.[18]

With Betty moving on, Cobra and Super Blizzard were free to continue their feud. Many wrestlers on the WFL roster had been turning against Cobra and his seemingly-paranoid delusions about alien moustaches and Super Blizzard, as most were willing to give Blizzard a second chance because of his anti-psychotics. Cobra's anger towards his situation exploded when someone keyed his motorcycle backstage at WFL 31 and he became convinced it was Super Blizzard, who he then attacked unprovoked.[19] Finally, the two were to have their clash at WFL's final PPV, WFL Argonautica. In a promo before the show, Cobra exploded in anger and demanded this match be turned into a Loser Leaves WFL match.[20] At the show itself, Cobra lost to Super Blizzard, terminating his WFL contract but not before attacking Super Blizzard and putting him through a table in a controversial move that received praise and disgust in equal measure from many of the wrestlers on the roster.

Casino Nights Wrestling & CNW Live! (2013-2015)

Television Championship

Cobra T. Washington in WWE2K14.

Cobra T. Washington made his shock debut for Casino Nights Wrestling on April 10th, 2013, defeating Carlyle Connor for the CNW Television Championship. Cobra would state in a post-show interview that CNW felt like his new home before dedicating his title win to someone unknown.[21] Cobra would go on to defeat Carlyle Connor again in a rematch for the championship, admitting to Marceline that he was still on the lookout for the girl from before.[22] On Casino Nights Wrestling Episode 11, Cobra would defend his championship against Kotodel, securing his victory after a distraction from Wayne K. Hayes. The next week, Cobra would retain against General E. Amazing after a distraction from Jeremy Dupoe.

Shortly after that show. Casino Nights Wrestling would go on hiatus, leaving Cobra a free agent until CNW's return in 2015. While on hiatus, Cobra was on the road, wrestling for various independent promotions across America and visiting several of his old stomping grounds, as well as continuing his search.[23] On CNW Live episode 1, Cobra would retain the championship against the mystery opponent Lewis Walker, winning via count-out. At CNW Live episode 2, Cobra would be forced to put the title on the line against another mystery opponent, Harvey Lotts. After CNW Live episode 2, the federation would close its doors, leaving Cobra without a home once more.

Cobra T. Washington in WWE2K17.

The Exciting Battle of Los AngelAES

In 2016, Cobra was revealed as the 24th entrant into The Exciting Battle of Los AngelAES. Shortly before the date of the show, he learned of Casino Nights Wrestling's official closure and buyout during a publicly-released recorded message.[24] On Night 1 of the tournament he took on Ho-Oh in a losing effort, and on Night 3, he helped lead his team of former WFL stars to victory. After the show, Cobra tweeted that while you may not see him next year, he'll be seeing them.[25]

New Origin Wrestling (2017-2018)

Prosperity Championship Contendership

Cobra T. Washington would have his first appearance in New Origin Wrestling on NOW Elite Episode 3, losing to Marty Jannetty in what was billed as a champion vs. champion match, but he wouldn't become a mainstay of the show until March 17th, 2017, where he defeated Herschel Hiam Hebrewberg, Miles King, and Dirk Derek to gain a shot at Kamara Moore's NOW Prosperity Championship. Cobra won this contest by throwing Herschel from the ring to steal the pin over Dirk Derek.[26] Unfortunately, while traveling to the arena to participate in the match in question, Cobra suffered a minor motorcycle accident and was unable to compete, being replaced in the match with Hebrewberg.[27] Two months later, Cobra would return on NOW Elite 11, interrupting Kamara Moore's interview to apologize. When asked what for, he responded "for this", and brutally attacked the champion in the backstage area. The two would brawl to the point that Cobra's glasses were broken in the scuffle, a brawl that ended with Cobra tossing Moore through a glass window. Following it, he had very little to say.[28]

Feud With Kamara Moore

Cobra T. Washington without glasses.

Shortly after the attack on Kamara Moore, Cobra released a video where he appeared to have broken in some form, pleading for attention and blaming the vast majority of his issues almost single-mindedly on Kamara Moore. In this video, he claimed he felt pressured into putting the CNW Television Championship on the line every week once more just to get television time in an attempt to make contact with someone he had lost contact with.[29] Cobra would go on to do just that, facing Rudy Cameron at NOW Elite 12 and defeating him. During that match, Cobra entered wearing an old biker jacket that had the name of the Snake Eyes gang on the back of it. He also used a more brutal version of his armbar in the match to win, along with a Shining Blizzard closer to the originator of the move. Following that match, Kamara Moore tried to get payback for the attack he had suffered at Cobra's hands the last episode but was cut off at the pass. After the show, Cobra railed against both Rudy Cameron and Kamara Moore, claiming that he had always hated Rudy due to his not appreciating his lot in life. He also expressed his fear that without his championship, he would be out of a job.[30]

NOW Elite #14 saw Cobra defend against Helen Highwater, a fellow blind competitor. Helen understood that Cobra had vision problems as well, though Cobra used them against her to retain his championship.[31] At NOW Elite #15, Cobra was scheduled to defend his championship against Richie Stevens. Richie would attempt to send a video message to Cobra via Twitter, begging him to reconsider the path he was walking, a path Richie himself was intimately familiar with.[32] Cobra was unable to receive the message, though heard of the contents through other sources. Cobra would insist that he was broken and unfixable, citing his inability to feel and parse romantic and sexual feelings and the weight society puts on them as proof he wasn't human or worth looking up to.[33] Cobra would go on to defeat Richie and then lock him in the Kimura hold. Kamara Moore would make the save, leading Lakeem to book a Falls Count Anywhere title-vs.-title match for the next episode.

The End of Cobra T. Washington

Cobra & Hyper leaving the arena.

Before NOW Elite 16, Cobra would film himself in an abandoned lot, clutching his championship and telling the story of the person he had been searching for all career, a young woman named Rebecca. He would implore Kamara not to defeat him, convinced that without his championship he wouldn't be allowed to work again. He would end the video repeating a mantra to himself.[34] At the show proper, the two would brawl throughout the arena, with Kamara Moore eventually picking up the victory, unifying the NOW Prosperity Championship and the CNW Television Championship for good. This loss would devastate Cobra, who later that night would cause chaos backstage, insistent that his career was over. He would stumble around blind for a while before a familiar voice shook him out of his despair, a voice he recognized as Rebecca. Rebecca would hand him a new pair of sunglasses, allowing Cobra to see properly once more, and from there he realized that the person he remembered from all those years ago had been Hyper Blizzard all along. The two would depart the arena together, knowing they had a lot to discuss.[35]

The two would drive to the forest they used to visit together and discuss everything that had happened since Hyper had left wrestling. The two agreed that Cobra - now going by his real name for the first time since childhood, Kevin Faulkner - needed to step away from wrestling and needed help. The two agreed to be in each others' lives and be friends, and from there on the wrestler once known as Cobra T. Washington walked off into the sunset.[36]

Personal life

Cobra T. Washington was born in Thetford, England, to a family that never stayed in one place at one time. He has implied that his parents were neglectful in some way, which contributed to his running away from home.[37] He is homeless and spends much of his life on the road in motels and shelters. He is blind without his sunglasses due to a botched gang initiation involving eye tattoos.[38] He is aromantic and asexual, a fact that he tried to hide for much of his life in an attempt to become "normal".

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Kimura lock (NOW) – 2017-2018
    • Shining Blizzard (NOW) (Original shining wizard) – 2017-2018
    • Cross-armbreaker (WFL/CNW/NOW) – 2012-2017
    • Shining Blizzard (WFL/CNW/NOW) (Shining wizard) – 2012-2017
    • Crucifix Pin (Independents/WFL) – 2011-2012
  • Signature Moves
    • Running spear
    • Christo
  • Nicknames
    • "Wasted Youth"
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Everything Louder Than Everything Else" by Meat Loaf (December 27, 2011-April 28, 2012)
    • "Jumpin' Jack Flash" by Billy Fogarty (May 10, 2012-April 11, 2013)
    • "You Give Love A Bad Name" by Bon Jovi (April 11, 2013-July 6, 2017)
    • "One Bad Day" by Bobaflex (August 6,2017-Jul. 1st, 2018)

Championships and accomplishments

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