Cherry Bounce

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Cherry Bounce
Cherry Bounce, performing onstage at a burlesque event
Born February 2, 1990
Portland, Oregon
Residence New York City, New York
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Cherry Bounce
Billed height 5'7"
Billed weight 250lbs
Billed from The City That Never Sleeps
Trained by Unknown
Debut planned for Lovely Action Wrestling #5
Notable Fed(s) Lovely Action Wrestling
Current Theme "Demon Kitty Rag" - Katzenjammer
Miscellaneous Information
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Cherry Bounce (real name Achara Dallimore, born February 2, 1990) is a Thai-American burlesque performer and trainee wrestler, set to debut at Lovely Action Wrestling #5.

Early Life

Dallimore was born in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to a Thai mother and American father; she remained in Thailand until she was four years old, at which point she moved with her mother to Portland, Oregon, where her parents were married shortly thereafter. It was at this point that Dallimore took her father's surname. By all accounts, her upbringing was loving and stable, allowing Dallimore to pursue her interest in the performing arts from a very young age, although her father was killed in a work accident not long after Dallimore's fourteenth birthday. Until 2018, Dallimore made her living as a burlesque performer; a chance encounter with Madelyn House, Jr. is what she points to as the event that introduced her to professional wrestling.

Professional Wrestling Career

Dallimore has yet to make her in-ring debut, but it was announced on September 27, 2018, that she will face off against Brody Boucher on LAW #5. Her wrestling style is markedly theatrical, inspired by her background in dance and gymnastics.

Personal Life

According to her Twitter account, Dallimore is a member of the LGBT community, having been in an official relationship with Madelyn House, Jr. since early 2019.

As a burlesque performer, she has claimed that her main goal was to 'reclaim [her] sexual autonomy and reassert it on her own terms, departing from the fetishistic stereotype of East Asian women as exotic and sexually submissive.' She has also discussed her desire to be viewed as inspirational by 'fat women, but also [...] anyone who departs from conventional standards of beauty,' pointing to this as the reason she wears revealing attires in burlesque and wrestling alike: 'I want to show chubby young girls that they don't have to treat their bodies as a problem that needs to be solved in order for them to be viewed as desirable,' she stated to Jezebel in an article dated November 10, 2018, entitled 'The Revolution Will Be Televised: AES' New Wave Of Vocal, Political Wrestlers.'

She has also been involved in several charity events to raise money for victims of sexual and domestic violence, survivors of sex trafficking, transgender organisations, and homeless women.

The name she wrestles under, 'Cherry Bounce,' is derived from a popular cocktail. When asked why she chose it, Dallimore said: 'Well, Cherry sounds quite a lot like my actual name - Achara - and I am quite a bouncy person, don't you think? Plus, magenta is my favourite colour, so it just seemed to fit.'

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Mindblower (Headscissor DDT)
    • The Morning After (Hurricanrana DDT)
  • Signature moves
    • Shot And Chaser (Afterglow Combo)
    • Hair Of The Dog (Wheelbarrow Stunner)
  • Nicknames
    • This Evening's Entertainment
  • Entrance themes
    • "Demon Kitty Rag" by Katzenjammer