Carmen Castellano

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Carmen Castellano
Carmen Castellano.png
Carmen Castellano in WWE 2K17
Born September 19, 1994
Ecatepec, Mexico
Residence Ecatepec, Mexico
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Carmen Castellano
Billed height 5'5"
Billed weight 153 lbs
Billed from Ecatepec, Mexico
Trained by Mexican Dragon (II)
Debut 2017 for TANW
Notable Fed(s) TANW
Current Theme "Make Me Wanna Die" - The Pretty Reckless
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by TBK

Carmen Castellano is a Mexican bodybuilder professional wrestler and Professional Wrestler. She is currently signed to Technical Aberrations Network Wrestling, where she is the current TANW Master Class Champion.


Early Life

Carmen Castellano was born September 19th, 1994. She is a trans-female, originally born christened as Emilio Cortes. She was trained by her uncle, who is second ever wrestler to hold the Mexican Dragon title. Carmen Castellano made her bodybuilding debut in 2010, and debuted in the Mexican FIERRO promotion one year later in 2011, at 17 years of age.

In 2016, she was signed to AES, as a member of Alex Arellano's Pillar Talent Agency.

TANW (2017-Current)

Carmen Castellano made her debut on the first episode of TANW, in the Women's Open Class Championship match, defeating Alexis Riot to become its first ever champion, as well as the first title holder within the promotion. In TANW, she explained that she was looking for someone of equal or greater strength than her to become her 'rival', in order to find someone who would be the ultimate challenge to beat, at the same time stating she took no issue defeating every other wrestler in AES to embarrass the company. After defending the title next week against Baby Wolf, she was put in the inaugural title match to determine the first ever TANW Female Master Class Champion, along with Emily Rykren, Cammie Rae, and Alice Skye. After technical issues forced the match to be moved to a tournament style, she defeated Alice Skye and Emily Rykren in the same night to become TANW's first Female Master Class Champion. As Champion, she defended her title successfully against Arceus, and Stheno, ending the latter's undefeated streak at TANW 7. After having successfully defended her own Women's Open Class Championship title several times, Electra Emerick traded in her Open Class Championship for a future match against Carmen, starting a feud between the two.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Running Knee to the face, sometimes from the top rope — 2013-Present
  • Signatures
    • Argentine Backbreaker
    • Strikes to the leg
    • School Boy Superkick
    • Spanish Fly
    • Sunset Flip Powebomb
    • Fisherman Driver
    • Northern Lights Suplex
    • Diving Senton
  • Nicknames
    • "The Defiant Dragon"
  • Entrance Themes

Championships and Accomplishments

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