CNW Television Championship

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CNW Television Championship
CNW Television Championship.png
Championship Statistics
Current Champion(s) Kamara Moore
Date won July 1st, 2018
Fed Casino Nights Wrestling
First Champion(s) Kotodel
The CNW Television Championship is a retired freelance championship created and promoted by Casino Nights Wrestling. The current champion is Kamara Moore, who won the championship to unify it with the NOW Prosperity Championship during NOW Elite: The Finale.



The CNW Television Championship was created as a championship to be defended on every regular episode of CNW, but not on PPV events. As such, the championship has changed hands multiple times, often as a result of a surprise debut. Since CNW is off the air, Cobra T. Washington has kept the championship semi-active, entering with the championship in many of his post-CNW appearances. Starting with NOW Elite 12, Cobra would declare the championship active again.

Title History

Cobra T. Washington at CNW Live! 1.
On the first episode of CNW, a six-man match was scheduled featuring Aurora, General E. Amazing, Harvey Lotts, Bearded Dragon, and Mango Mask to determine the first ever champion. However, while Mango Mask was making his entrance, the lights turned out, leaving the Three Fruit Basket nowhere to be found. Instead, a mysterious and ominous figure would go on to enter and win the match. In the second episode, the figure revealed that his name was Kotodel. Kotodel would go on to defeat Herschel Hiam Hebrewberg, Vin Tage, and Mercer Murdock. Kotodel kept the championship until episode 5, where a debuting Joe Vader defeated him to become the second champion.

Joe Vader would go on to defend against Kamara Moore but would eventually lose to Carlyle Connor after Carlyle put his feet on the ropes. Connor would prove his chops in the ring while holding the championship, but his only major defense was against The Great Gamblini who he defeated with his patented triple powerbombs. On show nine, Carlyle lost his championship to the debuting Cobra T. Washington.

Cobra T. Washington held the championship for the remainder of the first CNW run and into the second, defeating Carlyle Connor in a rematch, General E. Amazing, Kotodel, and later on Lewis Walker and Harvey Lotts. After a period of hiatus, Cobra made the championship active again, defending it on New Origin Wrestling Elite 12 against Rudy Cameron. After several successful defenses, Cobra would eventually put the title on the line in a unification match with Kamara Moore. Kamara would win that match, unifying the championship with the NOW Prosperity Championship.


No. Wrestler Reign Date Days held Event Notes
1 Kotodel 1 12/12/12 56 Casino Nights Wrestling Show 1 Kotodel replaced Mango Mask in the match after the 3 Fruit Basket somehow disappeared.
2 Joe Vader 1 2/6/13 21 Casino Nights Wrestling Show 5 Joe Vader was a mystery opponent and won the championship in his first ever AES match.
3 Carlyle Connor 1 2/27/13 42 Casino Nights Wrestling Show 7
4 Cobra T. Washington 1 4/10/13 1908 Casino Nights Wrestling Show 9 Cobra T. Washington kept the championship semi-active since winning it with large hiatuses between defenses until NOW Elite.
5 Kamara Moore 1 7/1/18 1 NOW Elite: The Finale The championship was unified with the NOW Prosperity Championship.

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