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CASPER making a dramatic entrance
Born April 24, 1998
Paris, France
Residence New York City, New York
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) CASPER
Billed height 6'2"
Billed weight 180lbs
Billed from Paris, France
Trained by Self-taught
Debut October 2018 at Pittsburgh Grappling Company #2
Notable Fed(s) Pittsburgh Grappling Company (former)
Crucible of Fighters: Europe (former; defunct)
AES: Melée
Current Theme "Sandstorm" - Darude
Miscellaneous Information
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CASPER (born Casper Sidi, April 24, 1998) is a French-Algerian professional wrestler, parkour practitioner, and reality TV personality. He first gained a small but dedicated following on YouTube in the mid-2010s, posting monthly videos of himself engaging in urban parkour in the streets of Paris, which eventually led to his appearances in a small handful of reality TV competitions. He credits fellow YouTuber Maximilian House for getting him into wrestling; the pair met at a convention in 2017 and rapidly became close friends, occasionally collaborating on videos together.

Early Life

CASPER was born in Paris, France, to first-generation Algerian immigrant parents. Growing up he had little interest in academics and performed poorly at school, but was recognised for his athletic aptitude from an early age - indeed, he was often punished by teachers for skipping school in order to practice parkour with friends in the streets of the 19th arrondissement. He dropped out of school at the age of sixteen and began posting videos on YouTube shortly thereafter; within four months of starting his channel, he had garnered upwards of twenty thousand subscribers. In 2017, he made two reality TV appearances: the first on the second series of Netflix's Ultimate Beastmaster, which he won, and the second on the third series of Love Island, where he was eliminated first after failing to convince any of the female contestants to couple up with him.

Professional Wrestling Career

CASPER credits his connection with Maximilian House with securing him his first booking in the Armbar Error Society, a multiman match in the young federation Pittsburgh Grappling Company. CASPER, teaming with Trouble and Jack Best, was defeated by the team of Anne Cortes, Grey Jerry, and The Grimlord, on PGC's second show.

CASPER left the production after only one appearance, relocating instead to Hartford, Connecticut, where he formed a tag team with House as part of House's own new federation AES: Melée. Wrestling as the CHADs (Charismatic Horny Alpha Dudes), House and CASPER wrestled in Melée's inaugural match at National E-Wrestling Day 7, ultimately losing to Two More Heroes.

His wrestling style is visibly inspired by his parkour background; he employs many ostentatious flips, mostly from the top rope. The only protective gear he wears while wrestling is wrist and hand tape, as grip strength is vital to parkour.


CASPER's YouTube username, his own first name stylised in capital letters, is also the name he wrestles under; he refers to it as his 'brand' in interviews and has reportedly sought to patent it.

CASPER has one sibling, an older sister, who also wrestles in the Armbar Error Society.