C. Revan

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C. Revan
Choi in 2017
Born April 3rd, 1992
Jeonju, South Korea
Residence New York City, New York, USA
Jeonju, South Korea
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) C. Revan
Abel Choi
Kenny Scott
Daisuke Nakashima
Billed height 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Billed weight 223 lb (101.1 kg)
Billed from Detroit, Michigan
Seoul, South Korea
Trained by South Korea Pro Wrestling Dojo
Miyu Shibata
Daniel Wilks Jr.
Michael Robertson
Debut July 2012
Notable Fed(s) Mallbrawl
Revolution X
UWOT (Yet to debut)
Current Theme "The Lunar World" - Yezi
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by REZI

Choi Chul-hyun (Hangul: 최철현) (born April 3rd, 1992) is an Korean professional wrestler signed to the Armbar Error Society, where he performs under the ringname C. Revan.

He is also known for his work on the Korean & Japanese independent circuit, appearing in promotions like LIVE ACTION WRESTLING (LAW). He has also worked for South Korea Pro Wrestling, K-WRESTLE, & ATTACK!!: GOD BLESS THE RING.

He has wrestled in several North American independent promotions, including New York-based New York Wrestling Syndicate (NYWS).

In ATTACK and NYWS, Revan is a member of BASTARZ and has served as the stable's second and current leader since March 12, 2016, following the departure of previous leader Ji Yoon Jin.

Professional wrestling career

Early life and career

Choi first became interested in a career in professional wrestling when he was a child, being a lifelong fan of the sport. He began training in the South Korea Pro Wrestling Dojo after being scouted by a trainer while he was doing athletics in high school. After training in the dojo for a number of months, the 16-year-old Choi began working for SKPW but he eventually left the dojo in 2010 after he was accidentally injured during a practice match. In 2011, Choi enrolled in university, but dropped out during his first year in order to fully concentrate on making a career out of professional wrestling.


Super Riders (2013)

After debuting and spending some time in singles action, Choi formed a tag team with fellow rookie Takashi Hirai called "Super Riders" and the two went to battle with several former Junior Heavyweight and Heavyweight tag team champions, most of them either ending with a draw right as they were about to pick up a win, or ending with a loss, Choi often being the one pinned. Even with all the losses, the fans got behind them and that led to a tag title challenge for the duo at a Road To show, facing Rebel FOREVER members Yuki Kosami & SUDA76 in which Super Riders came up short when SUDA76 pinned Hirai. While the two would continue to win matches in the promotion, building up a decent fan following, another tag title opportunity never came for them and after only a few short months of tagging with one another, they decided to head their separate ways, dissolving the team.

Soon after the group has disbanded, Choi entered a tournament to find a number one contender for the LAW Young Prince Championship, a title only for rookies. To the surprise of everyone, Choi did a clean sweep of his matches and went straight to the semifinals of the tournament. Choi first defeated Toki Takagi in the semifinals and then Hideaki Umehara in the finals to win the tournament and earn a shot at Rikiya Misawa's LAW Young Prince Championship. On July 23, at Destruction 7.23, Choi defeated Misawa to win the LAW Young Prince Championship for the first time and only time. After a few well received title defenses, Choi soon grew annoyed at how he was treated within the company and after losing the title, his contract soon expired and he left the company.

K-WRESTLE (2014-2015)

The day after losing the Young Prince Championship, Choi signed a contract with K-WRESTLE to be apart of their Juniors division in March 2014. In April 2014, he made his debut against KENSUKE, using the ring name Abel Choi. For a number of months, he seemed to be on the best run of his career at that point. Getting several wins in a row, he was a shoe-in for a tournament crowing the best of the Juniors division but his momentum was halted when he suffered a serious knee injury, sidelining him from action in K-Wrestle until early February of the next year.

BASTARZ (2015-present)

Choi made his redebut on February 8 at Seoul Showdown, where (despite having dismissed the idea of himself appearing at the show in any way), Choi was revealed as the newest member of the stable, renaming himself to be C. REVAN, setting his sights on the World Heavyweight Championship. While he was expected to have an impressive win streak and potentially win the title, unfortunately, before Revan could do much else with the promotion, he quit soon after, citing in a World Wide Wrestling Magazine interview that "creative differences with where he was going" caused the sudden leave.

New York Wrestling Syndicate (2015-present)


The Old Republic (2015-present)

ATTACK!!: GOD BLESS THE RING (2015-present)


Armbar Error Society (2016-present)

Mallbrawl (2016-Present)

Revolution X (2017-Present)

While not originally contacted for the promotion, after seeing the NEWD-5 showcase for the match, Revan reached out to fellow BASTARZ member Jae-Seong Park to ask him for his spot in his match on the debut episode, which Park agreed to. Making his debut, Revan went on to face Park's opponent The Amateur, winning the match and moving forward in the tournament to crown a World Heavyweight Champion.

AES: Grand Prix


On March 25, 2017, Revan announced on his personal Twitter account that he had recently signed a deal with UWOT and is expected to make his debut soon.

Personal life

Choi was born in Jeonju, South Korea on April 3, 1992. He has one younger brother, PEACE⋆MAKER member Changhyoun Choi & one younger sister, still currently in high school. His mother is Korean and works in family services while his father is African-American and works as an English teacher. He began watching professional wrestling as a child with his father sending him tapes of various Japanese wrestling promotions.

Choi has used his celebrity status in South Korea to arrange "hope-sharing" meetings with multiracial Korean children and to encourage social and political reform. During a trip back to South Korea after a stay in America, Choi started working with several local businesses, having a hand in the creation of the Helping Hands Foundation, a foundation to help mixed-race children like himself in South Korea, where they have suffered discrimination.

Choi was very briefly involving in a graphic design career before foregoing it to continue pursuing wrestling. He is fluent in both Korean and English and currently lives in Jeonju’s Wansan-gu District. He has a dual citizenship for South Korea & the United States. He has been in a relationship with K.THNX idol Lee Jeongyeon since 2013.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Saesang’s Kiss (Pumphandle Half-Nelson Driver w/ Pin) - 2014-present
    • Saesang’s Kiss II (Pumphandle Neckbreaker) - 2015-present
    • Saesang’s LOVE: RISING (Fireman's carry dropped into a knee lift w/ Penalty Kick)
    • Le Petit Mort (Sit-out Last Ride Powerbomb)
  • Signature moves
    • Revan Rush (Punch combo with theatrics)
    • Hero's Death (Elbow/Rolling Elbow)
    • Cheer Up!/Flash Kick (Superkick) - Stolen/Parodied from Alex Stryder
    • LARGE FRY FLOW (Frog Splash)
    • Blasian Uppercut (European Uppercut)
    • SCURRL SPECIAL (Chickenwing w/ Theatrics)
    • 화이트 타이거 (WHITE TIGER) LARIAT (Lariat w/ theatrics)
    • 그를 죽여 (Running Knee Strike/Penalty Kick) - Used rarely
    • Multiple suplex variations
      • TZUYUPLEX (Exploder)
      • Vertical
      • Sitout slam
      • Belly to back
      • Backdrop
      • Straight-jacket german
      • Super
      • Half nelson
    • Hurricanrana - 2013
    • Henkei Manjigatame
    • Eat It, Nerd (Jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick)
    • SCANDAL (Flapjack Facebuster)
    • FAKEOUT COMEBACK (Leapfrog followed by ducking clothesline)
  • With Jae-Seong Park
    • Double-team finishing moves
  • With Izzy Malak
    • Double-team finishing moves
  • Managers
    • Lee Jeongyeon
  • Wrestlers managed
    • Takashi Hirai
    • Izzy Malak
  • Nicknames
    • "The Leader of the Revanlution"
    • "Maknae"
    • "The Dark Lord"
    • "The Blasian Sensation
  • Entrance themes
    • "Someone Like U (너 같은)" [Intro Edit] by Dalshabet (달벳)
    • "Snake Eater" (Soulful Instrumental Remix) by Bmagic da Beast
    • "Cold" by Kanye West (March 15th, 2013 -
    • "The Lunar World" by Yezi (2015-)
    • "Dat $tick" by Rich Chigga (April 17th, 2016 - Present; Used while teaming with Jae-Seong Park)
    • "The Lunar World" (REVEL Intro Mix) by Yezi (January 1st, 2017-present)

Championships and accomplishments

    • 어린 왕자 (Young Prince) Championship (2 time)
  • New York Wrestling Syndicate
    • Brooklyn’s Best – Best of Brooklyn Tournament Winner (2015)
    • Syracuse Tag Team Championship (with Izzy Malak as THE OLD REPUBLIC) [2 time]
    • King of New York [1 time]

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