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Blur in WWE 2K17.
Born November 21, 1995
New York City, NY
Residence New York City, NY
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Blur
Billed height 5'6"
Billed weight 168 lbs.
Billed from The Minus World
Trained by Solid Steel Wrestling Academy
Debut January 9th, 2015 for
Beyond Anarchy Wrestling
Notable Fed(s) BAW
Revolution X
Current Theme "Cyberstrike" - Shirobon
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by The Doctor

Lakeisha Dunmore (born November 21, 1995) is an American professional wrestler and professionally-sponsored gamer who wrestles under the name Blur. She is a brash and hyperactive wrestler with a high-flying style and an insatiable love of videogames.

Professional wrestling career

Early Life

Dunmore grew up in New York with a single mother and became interested in retro games when she was given a Sega Genesis as a child as a way to keep her off the streets. She honed her skills while attending school and at age 19 became a Mountain Dew-sponsored gamer. She used her funds to train at the independent professional wrestling gym Solid Steel Wrestling Academy under a cornucopia of different local wrestlers and worked at independent shows while attending college for her associate's degree in Business Management. After a brief stint on the New York independent scene, she began to go by her gamer handle in the ring and was signed to Beyond Anarchy Wrestling as Blur.

Beyond Anarchy Wrestling (2015-2017)

Blur debuted on the first episode of BAW, defeating Stheno to qualify for a shot at the BAW Women's Championship at BAW Fear Factor. Prior to the match, Blur appeared on a live broadcast from Blizzcon 2014 to introduce her to the AES audience as a whole.[1] On episode 2, she faced Black Dahlia and was once again successful. Throughout BAW's first cycle she, Black Dahlia, Sakura Reece, and Miss Teree would be at each others' throats, all vying to be the top woman in Beyond Anarchy Wrestling.

Blur was selected to participate in BAW's National eWrestling Day 4 showcase, wrestling against Oseiko. She attempted to train for the match with a combination of hard-boiled eggs and ninja-related videogames.[2] During the match, an altercation between Oseiko and special guest referee Aria Rothenburg allowed Blur to pick up the victory.

Other federations

Shucky Duck Wrestling (2015-2017)

Shortly after Shucky Duck Wrestling announced its return at National eWrestling Day 4, Blur made it clear on Twitter that she intended on signing up. She made her debut at SDW: True Reset as part of the round robin-style tournament to crown SDW's first Violent Femme Champion, defeating Jun Nuisano.[3] Blur would go on to have a successful first run in SDW, defeating Anne Cortes and even helping take her team to victory in SDW's non-televised event, SDW Spooktacular.[4]

Revolution X (2017)

In 2016, Blur debuted for Revolution X and was immediately inserted into a surprise triple threat for the new Acclaim Championship. Blur was unsuccessful in capturing the championship, losing to Baby Wolf along with DH Pierce.[5] The next week, Pierce would defeat Blur in a match to determine the next number one contender for that championship.[6]

Pittsburgh Grappling Company (2018)

Blur would wrestle two matches for Cory Galloway's promotion, Pittsburgh Grappling Company, though would not return to the promotion following the second broadcast.

Lovely Action Wrestling

In 2018, on LAW Episode 4, Blur debuted and defeated Marie Connor, ZHEN, and Sakura Reece to become the first ever LAW World Champion.[7] She would go on to have a Champion vs. Champion match against Jamie Haskins at National eWrestling Day 2019, a match in which she was successful. However, due to personal reasons, Blur would vacate the championship in a press conference before LAW #5.[8] The move was not without some controversy, with media outlets either praising or deriding the decision. Blur herself would remain mostly silent following the conference while weathering the fallout.

Personal life

Blur lives in an apartment in New York City and is a regular at the Vanderbilt YMCA, where she enjoys minor celebrity perks.[9] She has stated that her favorite game is Streets of Rage 2. She is sponsored by Mountain Dew Kickstart because of her prevalence in the speedrunning and streaming community. Her go-to game to speedrun is Sonic 3 & Knuckles. She is a big fan of eggs and by extension Hammond Egger. Blur has autism and is a special education advocate at her local YMCA. She has stated in interviews that her pink hair is a tribute to Mother 3 character Kumatora.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
  • Signature Moves
    • Smash Attack (X-Factor)
    • Spindash (Whisper in the Wind)
  • Nicknames
    • xXx_BLUR_xXx[10]
    • The Born Survivor (LAW, PGC)
    • The Arcade Dream (PGC)
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Cyberstrike" by Shirobon (January 9th, 2015-present)

Championships and accomplishments

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