Blazing Force

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Blazing Force
Ultra-Fighting Green Blazer
Red Blazer
Other Information
Debut LOVE S1E1, 2017
Years Active 2017-present
Notable Fed(s) LOVE
Current Theme Urotander, Underhanded Rangers

This article is about the tag team "Blazing Force" rather than the official website of the same name.

The Blazing Force is a tag team founded in 2017, currently consisting of the Ultra-Fighting Green Blazer and the Red Blazer. They currently team in LOVE.


Blazing Force was originally founded immediately after the Ultra-Fighting Green Blazer was joined by the Red Blazer in UltraMAX!! Mirai no Puroresu in February 2017. It would not last long, as in early April of that year both Blazers would sign with different AES federations (RISE for the Green and TANW for the Red), forcing the team to dissolve.

However, Blazing Force would be revived later that very year, in AES's LOVE promotion. They are set to face the Grinnin' Bearetts for the LOVE Companionship Championship at LOVE 1x01: The Ace Tournament for their first match together since joining AES.