Asphodel Meadows

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Asphodel Meadows
Acronym None
Years Active April 1, 2018 - April 2, 2018
Owner Unknown
General Manager(s) The Ringmaster, a figurehead of an unknown company
Current Theme "Night On The Town" - The Dear Hunter
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head OpinionHaver
Forum Link Asphodel Meadows

Asphodel Meadows was a 24-person tournament created by OpinionHaver and made with the assistance of Sam Gladwin, run in Fire Pro Wrestling World. There were two stipulations for signing up: firstly, all sign-ups were to be made in secret, with the handler's identity revealed in a credits sequence on the final night of the tournament, and secondly, none of the characters signed up could have wrestled in the Armbar Error Society before. The event was created in response to a perceived stagnation on AES, where new users and new characters alike were struggling to find a foothold on the site.

The Tournament

The tournament began on April 1 and concluded on April 7, less than a week later. It took place over three nights, with eight matches on each; the final match was a triple threat between Freddie Louis, Ami Akonoe, and Augus Roy. Akonoe was eliminated early and Louis and Roy continued to wrestle, with Louis the fresher of the two - it was Roy's third match of the night, and he had been noticeably injured by Tiara Rose in the second. Nevertheless, Augus Roy managed to clinch the victory, and as a result he was awarded a match with any AES wrestler of his choosing as well as the opportunity to become General Manager of a brand-new federation, Divine Comedy Productions. Roy's victory was notable, as every other competitor in the tournament who wrestled two matches on the same night had been defeated in the second; not only did Roy win his second match, but he went on to win the third also.

Every wrestler who competed in Asphodel Meadows then became the foundation of the DCP roster, although many would eventually leave, complaining of poor treatment and shoddy conditions - among them Ami Akonoe, Asphodel Meadows' third-place finisher. Freddie Louis, runner-up, not only stayed but became DCP's first World Champion, defeating established AES wrestlers such as Dominick Williamson, Roze O. Flavio, El Beardy and Rudy Cameron all in the ten-month-span following the tournament.

Organisers responded vaguely when asked if there would be a second Asphodel Meadows, saying only that 'the door was left open' for potential future events. It is not known if these events would abide by the same format and rules as the first.


Asphodel Meadows placed 6th in the 2018 AES Awards for PPV Of The Year.


Although lacking official confirmation, it seems likely that Asphodel Meadows was named for the section of the ancient Greek underworld where ordinary souls were sent to live after death.

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