All-Star Mystic Rasslin

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All-Star Mystic Rasslin
Acronym ASMR
Years Active August 2017 - April 2018
Owner Morganna Cliffore
General Manager(s) Morganna Cliffore
Current Theme
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head Wasabi
Forum Link

All-Star Mystic Rasslin was an eFed ran by Wasabi. It is notable for being the only audio-only fed on AES to date.



ASMR was intended to have four championships. The Urban Legend Championship was to be the top singles title and the Gemini Championship was to be the tag-team title. The Flighty Fae Championshp was to be defended in matches with unusual rules, mostly centered along the idea of escape. Lastly, the Luck and Pluck Championship was a championship defended with randomized stipulations against randomized opponents. Only the Luck and Pluck Championship was ever used, with Michelle Rocksmith winning it in a nine-person battle royale at National E-Wrestling Day 2018.