Abby Fightmaster

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Abby Fightmaster
Abby Fightmaster 2k18.png
Born May 23, 1997
San Diego, CA, USA
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Abby Fightmaster
Billed height 5' 6"
Billed weight 161 lbs.
Billed from San Diego, CA
Trained by Unknown
Debut We Are The Champions, July 30 2017
Notable Fed(s) Grappling of Glory
Current Theme "Paradigm Shift" - Liquid Tension Experiment
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by Hinoa

Abigail Masina Lawrence (b. May 23, 1997) is an American professional wrestler and former mixed martial artist, using the ring name Abby Fightmaster. She operates within the Armbar Error Society's Grappling of Glory promotion, debuting at the We Are The Champions supershow on July 30, 2017[1]. She is a member of the Black Legion and the current Glory Jr. Heavyweight Champion.


MMA Career (2015-2016)

Abby's entire MMA career was with Pacific Brawling Promotions, a minor MMA promotion operating within San Diego. Her first match was on May 24, 2015, only one day after her 18th birthday, where she suffered a loss on points. Over the course of the next 15 months, she would go on to be more successful, with one draw and four straight wins, with her final win by knockout.

Abby's style in the Brocktagon focused on striking, based in her ability as a kickboxer, as well as a solid ground-and-pound ability. However, her critical weakness was her lack of skill on the ground, and she would, at the behest of her coach, take time off to rectify this.

Training (2016-2017)

In order to improve her ground skills, Abby went to a wrestling school. However, it didn't take long for her to choose to take up professional wrestling instead, citing the higher level of showmanship in wrestling as opposed to MMA. She trained in several locations, spending the longest at a school in Newcastle, England, before shifting to the Black Legion's dojo in 2018.

Grappling of Glory (2017-present)

Abby eventually would be signed to Japan's Grappling of Glory promotion. She would make her debut in the Junior Heavyweight Ramble, being one of only four announced competitors of the twelve total. Despite a strong initial showing, she would quickly be eliminated by El Sexy Dominicano. Infuriated and a little humiliated, she would immediately call him out to a rematch. That rematch occurred on Road to Total Elimination's first Stop, and her victory there would result in a handicap match against both members of The Caribbean Connection at the next stop. While she failed to secure a victory there, she was later approached by Leon Black to join his stable, the Black Legion. She debuted as a member of the stable on the final Stop, where she lost to Mark Anderson as the first opponent of a gauntlet match.

The Legion would go on to wrestle in the Total Elimination match, and while Abby scored no eliminations for her team before being eliminated by JC Stone, the Legion as a whole won the match. Abby, being one of two eligible wrestlers, chose to go after the Glory Jr. Heavyweight championship at Decimation; David Nelson-Saint elected to go after Mr. No Days Off. At Decimation, after a long and hard-fought battle, Abby pinned Kyo to become the champion; the first of the Legion to do so. (Anderson and Black would take the tag titles later that evening.)

In the ring, Abby takes a lot of her MMA skillset and applies it to her wrestling style. However, she uses more athletic moves than most MMA fighters. She also makes a habit of using an opponent's finisher against them, and will occasionally use "learned" finishers at a later date.

Personal Life

Abby was orphaned at an early age, and was kicked around foster homes throughout California until her mid-teenage years. While never officially adopted, Abby formed a close relationship with her final set of foster parents, the Williams family. She turned to kickboxing and combat sports as a way of venting aggression safely.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves:
    • Tumbling Body Press
    • Diamond Dust (or other cutter)
    • Her opponent's finishing move
  • Signature Moves:
    • Arm Wrench/Hook Kick combination
    • Sweep and Mounted Punches
  • Entrance Themes:
    • "Paradigm Shift" - Liquid Tension Experiment (2017-present)

Championships and Accomplishments


  1. Dates for Grappling of Glory shows are given in terms of US airdates, as Grappling of Glory is frequently prerecorded or on a different date in Japan.