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AES Renaissance
Renaissance Logo.png
Federation AES
Airdate November 27th, 2013 (Night 1)
November 28th, 2013 (Night 2)
Main Event(s) Groudon vs. Shaymin
Sir Dan Danielson III vs. Sego Khan
Theme song(s) "Automatic Ecstatic" - Dynasty Electric
Event Chronology
Previous Event Road to Renaissance (Series)
Next Event None
Miscellaneous Information
Show Runner The Doctor
Card Link AES Renaissance
AES Renaissance was a two-night event that happened in 2013. It featured several grudge matches that had yet to see their conclusions due to game limitations, fed closures, or storyline reasons, as well as several big returns and events that would shape AES for years to come. It was created in Fire Pro Wrestling Returns.

The Event

AES Renaissance was preceded by a series of six shows called the Road to Renaissance which set up some of the matches and intensified several of the rivalries further, as well as served as a way to provide never-before-seen matches to AES as a whole. The show was first announced on an edition of Radio Armbar and the first match announced was Groudon vs. Shaymin, two rivals who had won heel- and face-of-the-year that year, respectively. Further matches were announced at various intervals either in the thread or following Road To Renaissance specials that set them up. As the card expanded it was decided to split the event into two nights, and despite issues delaying it from a summer airdate to winter it went off without a hitch on November 27th and 28th, 2013.

On-screen personnel
Role: Name:
Commentators N/A
Ring announcer Matt Suit
Referees Kiwi-Chan
Bear Ref
Pink Ref

Night 1

Among the first matches to be announced outside of the main event were Dance Party '95 vs. The Starrenjahs, a match between two similar tag teams. The rookie battle royal was planned as a tribute to the original supershow, F-Mania, and most characters involved were pre-selected, with Mango Mask being a mystery competitor. Originally, Robbie Blayze was intended to be in, but due to the character's inactivity, he was quietly replaced with Herschel Hiam Hebrewberg.

Thick Riley had not made himself popular with his treatment of Cthulhu Jr., and one person who took particular umbrage to his actions was Cazz Jordann. After several angry statements on Twitter, Cazz approached the Renaissance committee and it was widely agreed upon as the best course of action. The two were booked in a barbed wire deathmatch as per Cazz's request. Cthulhu Jr. would actually participate in a match later that same night, a five-way billed as a Monster's Ball that also contained Calissa, 50-Foot Blake, Malverbone, and Super Plexington.

In December 2012, Osakan Destroyer won the Golden Fleece at WFL's final event, WFL Argonautica. This guaranteed him a WFL World Heavyweight Championship match at any time. However, following WFL's closure and various conflicts of interest in SAPW, Osakan Destroyer retired from in-ring competition to focus on SAPW and TUFU. Action Jackson saw this as a coward's way out to avoid facing him, and appeared on an episode of Road To Renaissance to call him out. It was unsure whether Osakan Destroyer would turn up for their match, even after a press conference where OD announced he was changing TUFU's full name to "The TUFU Zaibatsu".[1]

In a strange tale tying together SAPW and FILR, SAPW referee Kiwi-Chan and former SAPW wrestler Bruno Bono both found themselves voted to the top of an AES Illustrated popularity poll to determine a mascot for the magazine. The two reacted with equal confusion and animosity towards the other, with Bruno still sore from perceived special treatment his opponents in SAPW received while he was active. No one knows who exactly approved this match, but to prepare for it Kiwi-Chan trained with Deborah Eckhart to unlock her wild side, a side she showed in this match.[2] Bruno Bono, on the other hand, declared he would retire from wrestling if he lost.[3]

Unlikely father-and-son duo Dustin Delta and El Hijo Del Ta had been up to shenanigans in ProWres, and as such were booked against a mystery tag team. Shortly after the announcement of that match, a Dance Off featuring the debut of Zenith Pro Wrestling star Conga was advertised. In the events leading to that match, Conga would receive a strange letter he did not understand.[4] Meanwhile, on the Road to Renaissance, El Beardy had been defeating opponents with ease yet was conspicuously not booked on the show.

In Grapple Sports Battle, Lewis Walker and Jordan Larsson had been feuding and in a controversial move in the run-up to their feud Lewis Walker had powerbombed Bob Sapp through a flaming table. Because of his actions, Lewis was placed in an MMA match with an opponent of Larsson's choosing.

The main event match between Groudon and Shaymin was a match a long time coming. The two had begun as a unit in MWAT and drifted apart as they rose to the top of their respective divisions, but when Groudon became power-hungry and obsessed with the idea of destroying all in his path, his sights set on Shaymin's mentor, the original Arceus. One WFL, Groudon destroyed Arceus in a savage backstage attack, and from there Groudon became the one obstacle Shaymin had to stop. Groudon's rise continued with his WFL World Heavyweight Championship win while Shaymin won the ROSE World Championship. The two were finally scheduled to compete in a hardcore steel cage match, an appropriate stipulation given their history wrestling deathmatches in Japan. This was to ensure no escape and a final winner for their feud.[5]

Night 2

Much of night 2 was dedicated to long-term grudge matches being settled once-and-for-all. In the opening contest, IBW's The Toy Soldiers took on Rudy Cameron's evil group, which consisted of Lady Fuchsia, Fatty McYardtard, and a mystery person. The two groups had a long-running rivalry despite being part of different federations, often trading barbs on Twitter and in promos. Rudy especially seemed jealous of Doctor Steel's success, and after White Goodman joined the Toy Soldiers the challenge was made for the two villainous groups to clash. The two would finally have something of a face-to-face meeting when Steel interrupted Cameron's live web broadcast to taunt him.[6]

On the Road to Renaissance qualifying matches were held to determine entrants in a battle royal for night 2. One mystery spot was announced, but the rest of the competitors were determined ahead of time, with each entrant looking to make their name on a big stage. Blackout especially looked to use it as research for his group, Uncorrupted.[7]

During WFL, The Lineage was a powerful group lead by Juan Cortes that imploded when he and Vic Vandal left Chris Oderick out in the cold. Vandal and Oderick never managed to settle their differences, even after a triple threat match for Groudon's WFL World Heavyweight Championship, and while Vandal would go on to compete in places such as SAPW, Oderick would vanish for several months to train under a mentor later revealed to be DDP. Oderick would return on the Road to Renaissance as the master of the Oderi-cutter, and he and Vandal took turns interfering in each others' matches and being at each others' throats until finally they were set to clash on Night 2.

"The Tiger Cyclone" Tyler Rykren was the one to retire Viktor Zangief, something Zangief's former partner in Soviet Outback, Raiden, never liked. Raiden and Rykren had matches in TFIAH before, but with Zangief named special referee for their Renaissance match, the stakes were even higher. Before the match, the three met and Raiden assured the two that he would be victorious and gain the recognition from his former friend he felt he deserved.[8]

Richie Stevens and Ryan Davis began as friends, with Richie looking to mentor Davis in the world of wrestling. As their partnership progressed, however, Davis began to show his ruthless streak that culminated in a brutal and deliberate hit-and-run on SAPW competitor Crisis. The two former friends became enemies as Richie became determined to teach the young upstart a lesson as well as get revenge for people Davis attacked that he considered his friends. Stevens also saw himself in Davis, and didn't want him to make those same mistakes.[9] Davis, on the other hand, felt as though he was in Richie's shadow and wanted nothing more than to escape and continue his path of destruction all the way to the top.[10]

During the Road to Renaissance, ProWres's hapless interviewer Shinya Arino decided to test his mettle in the ring, and The Regginator laid out challenge after challenge with Arino coming closer and closer to overcoming them but not quite making it. In the end, the two duked it out at Renaissance proper.

Ever since failing to regain the WFL World Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat, Derrick Brizen had held a grudge against Jay Gunn. This grudge lasted all the way until Gunn debuted in Casino Nights Wrestling, where Brizen attacked him on his first night back. The Great Gamblini enacted a no-touch clause against the two to prevent any further disruptions to the show, but the AES Board of Directors lifted it for one night only, alloweing the two to finally settle their differences in a deathmatch.

In what was originally billed as a cross-promotional contest, Bob Sagat faced Oseiko. After Oseiko joined SAPW, the cross-promotional branding was dropped, leading to a normal singles match between the two.

Finally, during the Road to Renaissance, lifetime rivals Sir Dan Danielson III and Sego Khan met face-to-face shortly after their match at CNW Neon Nights. During this meeting, Sir Dan expressed his frustration at his loss to Sego Khan, but also his frustration at not seeing the same fire he used to admire in Khan years ago. He challenged Khan to one final match to end their rivalry, and this time in a career-vs-career match. Khan agreed, and the stage was set.


Night 1

No. Match Result Stipulation Notes
1 The Starrenjahs (DJ Starrenjah & MC Starrenjah) d. Dance Party '95 (Sin Cobra & AKIMan) via pinfall. Tag Team Match
2 Herschel Hiam Hebrewberg d. seven others[11] Over-the-top-rope Battle Royal Herschel quietly replaced Robbie Blayze in the match after Blayze's inactivity. This was a match for new characters.
3 Cazz Jordann d. Thick Riley via KO Hardcore Barbed Wire Deathmatch The ring explosion coupled with Jordann's use of weapons during the match knocked Thick Riley out.
4 Cthulhu Jr. d. Calissa, 50 Foot Blake, Malverbone, & Super Plexington via pinfall "Monster's Ball" Five-Person Match
5 Osakan Destroyer d. Action Jackson via pinfall Singles Match Osakan Destroyer came out of retirement for this match.
6 Kiwi-Chan d. Bruno Bono via pinfall Singles Match Bruno Bono retired following this match.
7 Dustin Delta & El Hijo Del Ta d. Hats 'n' Hellions (Richie Stevens & Lance Murdock) via pinfall Tag Team Match Hats 'n' Hellions were a mystery team reuniting for one night only.
8 The Dance Off[12] went to a No Contest Dance-off with special guest referee dolan El Beardy interrupted the dance-off before it could begin and demanded an opponent.
9 El Beardy d. Kevin Blastoise via pinfall Singles Match A video package interrupted the replay, and the returning El Trippy II came out for a match.
10 El Trippy II d. El Beardy via KO Singles Match El Trippy defeated El Beardy with a GTS.
11 Bob Sapp d. Lewis Walker via decision MMA Rules Match Bob Sapp was an opponent of Walker's rival Jordan Larsson's choice.
12 Shaymin d. Groudon Hardcore Steel Cage Match After the match, Osakan Destroyer cashed in his WFL Golden Fleece.
13 Osakan Destroyer d. Groudon (c) Singles Match for the WFL World Heavyweight Championship

Night 2

No. Match Result Stipulation Notes
1 The Toy Soldiers[13] d. The Bad League of Bad[14] via pinfall Eight-Person Tag Team Match Roxy Bourdon was a mystery teammate for this match.
2 Blackout d. seven others[15] Over-the-top-rope battle royal Entrant qualifiers were held on Road to Renaissance for all except El Trippy II who returned the night before.
3 Chris Oderick d. Vic Vandal via KO Singles Match Oderick KO'd Vandal with an Odericutter.
4 Tyler Rykren d. Raiden via pinfall Singles Match with Special Guest Referee Viktor Zangief
5 Richie Stevens d. Ryan Davis via pinfall Singles Match
6 Shinya Arino d. The Regginator Singles Match
7 Derrick Brizen d. Jay Gunn via pinfall Landmine Deathmatch
8 Bob Sagat d. Oseiko via pinfall Singles Match
9 Sego Khan d. Sir Dan Danielson III via KO Loser Leaves AES Match Sego Khan used a swift kick to the head to finish the match. Post-show, it was revealed that the man he retired was Sir Dan Danielson IV.


AES Renaissance shook up many parts of AES, with its ripples felt even to this day. After the show, it was revealed that the Sir Dan Danielson III who had been competing in several federations since 2012 was a fraud, and the one who had competed in the match with Sego Khan was Sir Dan Danielson IV living a double-life that started when the true Sir Dan Danielson III vanished for several months in 2012.[16] The true Sir Dan Danielson III would continue to show great success, eventually forming The Brethren, while Sir Dan Danielson IV would eventually resurface in Zenith Pro Wrestling as Justice.

Groudon never forgave Osakan Destroyer for "stealing" his WFL World Heavyweight Championship, and the two would go on to feud in SAPW. Oseiko would also feel the effects of losing on such a big stage and would go on to feud with Bob Sagat in SAPW, attempting to avenge her loss.

With his return, El Trippy II would go on to express his excitement at being back and finally vanquishing his demons for the time being.[17] El Beardy and El Trippy II would both go on to be pros in New Origin Wrestling and reignite their feud, culminating in a match at NOW: A Journey Through Time.

AES Renaissance would go on to be nominated for several end-of-year awards, including Show Of The Year, Moment Of The Year, and Match Of The Year.


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