AES PrimeTime

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AES PrimeTime
Acronym None
Years Active September 2014 - Present
Owner The AES Board of Directors
General Manager(s) Max Karzai
Roxy Bourdon
Current Theme "Brother of the Mayor of Bridgewater" - The World/Inferno Friendship Society
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head The Doctor
Forum Link AES Primetime

AES PrimeTime is an eFed by The Doctor run in Fire Pro Wrestling Returns. It has been active with periods of hiatus since September 2014. AES PrimeTime is different from other eFeds in that it has an ever-changing roster and relies heavily on guest stars and one-off appearances. It has very few special events, favoring episodes with runtimes of approximately an hour where special matches can happen at any time. Federations often cross-promote with AES PrimeTime, most notably Uncharted Oceans Wrestling holding a triple threat to determine the entrants into the UOW World Championship match at Man Overboard[1] and United Wrestlers of Tonight booking a UWOT Cardboard Championship change.[2]


AES PrimeTime started as a touring event only televised to a small section of fans on the internet, a way to get AES to come to your city with matches never before seen at other places. It was pitched by the Board of Directors and put into motion by board member Max Karzai. It favored a match-only format, with Karzai writing up statements and cards on the official AES blog. One of the biggest episodes of early PrimeTime was episode 5, which featured the final match for now-hall of famer Maximus taking on El Trippy I. For nine episodes, the match-focused format was the predominant way that PrimeTime ran, with the only on-screen segment being in episode 8.[3] Starting on episode 9, AES PrimeTime introduced the concept of guest general managers and bookers, an operation overseen by Roxy Bourdon.[4]


On episode 9, thanks in part to the help of Lance Meszaros, AES PrimeTime reached a deal with AESPN to be broadcast live on their network. While PrimeTime remained a place where anyone could appear at any time, it did tighten up its roster and reach contract deals with several recurring talents. Since then, PrimeTime has continued to grow, even announcing its first supershow, AES PrimeTime Plus, at episode 17.


  • As anyone in AES can appear, any AES championship can be defended on the show.

Notable Shows


  1. AES PrimeTime #15 (2016)
  2. AES PrimeTime #12 (2015)
  3. This segment featured DJ Wavebird spacing out for five straight minutes.
  4. The first guest general manager was originally anonymous, but was revealed on the show to be the returning Lance Meszaros. His card writeup has to be seen to be believed.

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