AES Over-The-Top 2015

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AES Over-The-Top 2015
Federation AES
Airdate February 14th, 2015
Main Event(s) AES Over-The-Top Rumble
Theme song(s) "Alive" - Krewella
Event Chronology
Previous Event None
Next Event None
Miscellaneous Information
Show Runner DanBDanielson
Card Link AES Over-The-Top!
AES Over-The-Top 2015 was a one-night sitewide event put on by DanBDanielson. Along with cross-fed matches, it promoted the first ever AES Over The Top match, in which the winner would get a title that they could cash in at any time in any federation for a world championship match.

The Event

On-screen personnel
Role: Name:
Commentators Jason East
Matt Suit
Ring announcer Sylvia Lottatore
Referees Robin Charleston

AES Over-The-Top was announced in November 2014 and was open for everyone to apply. Some signups were kept top secret, others public, and still others were requested personally. It was run under the concept of providing several special attraction matches with the main attraction being the battle royal itself. Jason East and Matt Suit were contacted to call the action at ringside, along with new ring announcer Sylvia Lottatore.

Blackout holding the AES Over-The-Top commemorative championship.

The first match to be announced was Girly putting her ROSE World Championship on the line against La Red Dinamica. Girly had been on a hot streak with her championship, though her detractors were skeptical of her ability to retain her championship legitimately without the help of The Administration. La Red, on the other hand, was an up-and-coming star with a lot of hype and thanks to her performance in TDW a lot of success as well. In an interview with Morgan Anderson before the show, Girly and La Red met face-to-face and in the process Girly hinted that she knew La Red's identity. La Red herself showed a side of herself many hadn't seen before, delivering an intense and impassioned speech to the champion.[1]

Other matches included a showdown between TDW's The Hatventurers and SAPW's The Wylde Onez in a tag team champions-vs-champions match. In Zenith Pro Wrestling, the trio of Lord Duister, Baldomero La Estatua, and Amsel von Kaiser had been making waves, and were set to take on another prolific trio in Dance Party '95. For this match, Dance Party '95 was billed as Super Dance Party '95 as each member were channeling their strongest forms. Finally, Dan Brown announced his intention to place the AES 24/7 Championship he won from White Goodman at ZPW Carpe Diem on the line against any and all challengers.[2]

Laura Brennan and Shaymin were also set to face off in a match many had been clamoring for. Despite her presence in the AES Hall-of-Fame, Laura looked up to Shaymin and was excited to wrestle someone she considered an inspiration.[3] Shaymin, meanwhile, also highly respected Laura but looked to win the match to reach the heights of the Hall of Fame herself.[4]

The main event featured returning names, names on the rise, and two mystery names that would be decided on the night with two Last Chance Battle Royals. Stars from all over AES applied, and so the stage was set for AES Over-The-Top.


No. Match Result Stipulation Notes
1 Super Cena d. five others[5] Over-the-top-rope Battle Royal Super Cena qualified for the Over The Top Rumble with this win.
2 Lord Duister, Baldomero La Estatua, & Amsel von Kaiser d. Dance Party '95 (Sin Cobra, AKIMan, & Cosmo A) Six-man Elimination Tag Team Match Lord Duister's Forces cleanly swept Dance Party '95.
3 Girly (c) d. La Red Dinamica via pinfall Singles match for the ROSE World Championship
4 The Wylde Onez (Jesse Grime & Thunder Nelson) d. The Hatventurers (Richie Stevens & Harold Remington-Harrington) via pinfall Tag Team Match Billed as an SAPW vs. TDW champions match.
5 Dan Brown d. White Goodman via pinfall Singles Match for the AES 24/7 Championship Dan Brown demanded challenger after challenger and intended on winning five times in one night.
6 Dan Brown d. Sterling Pierce via pinfall Singles Match for the AES 24/7 Championship
7 Dan Brown d. Claude*Dreiz via pinfall Singles Match for the AES 24/7 Championship
8 Dan Brown d. Mark Henry via pinfall Singles Match for the AES 24/7 Championship
9 Primal Groudon d. Dan Brown via pinfall Singles Match for the AES 24/7 Championship This was the debut of Groudon's monstrous primal form.
10 Kotodel d. five others[6] Over-the-top-rope Battle Royal Mango Mask was originally meant to be in this match but was mysteriously taken out while in the ring and replaced.
11 Shaymin d. Laura Brennan via pinfall Singles Match Shaymin used the Seed Flare for the first time in years to win this match.
12 Blackout won the AES Over-The-Top Rumble 40-Man Over-The-Top Rumble Match Blackout won the Over-The-Top Championship and the ability to have a world championship match at any time.

AES Over-The-Top Rumble results

Name Draw Eliminations Eliminated By Elimination Order
Osakan Destroyer 1 9 Blackout 39
Ryan Davis 2 0 Seth 4
Prince Franklin 3 0 Osakan Destroyer 1
Lakeem 4 0 El Beardy 2
Fatty McYardtard 5 0 Osakan Destroyer 3
Seth 6 1 Skyler Altus 5
El Beardy 7 1 Hiro Nagasaki 7
Skyler Altus 8 2 Osakan Destroyer 9
Panther Mask II 9 0 Skyler Altus 6
Chazz Connolly 10 0 Hiro Nagasaki 8
Kamara Moore 11 0 Osakan Destroyer 10
Hiro Nagasaki 12 2 Action Jackson 13
Bob Sagat 13 0 Miguel Mesias 11
Miguel Mesias 14 1 Action Jackson 14
Mick Spade 15 0 Action Jackson 12
Derrick Brizen 16 2 John Doe 20
Action Jackson 17 3 Osakan Destroyer 16
Super Cena 18 0 Walter Zenon 15
Walter Zenon 19 1 Derrick Brizen 18
Bones 20 0 Derrick Brizen 17
John Doe 21 1 Kotodel 23
Miles King 22 0 Groudon 27
Benjamin Bender 23 0 Sir Dan Danielson III 19
Sir Dan Danielson III 24 1 Osakan Destroyer 21
Tomas Ramirez 25 0 Osakan Destroyer 22
Kotodel 26 1 Groudon 25
Lance Murdock 27 0 Groudon 24
Alex Arellano 28 0 Groudon 26
Groudon[7] 29 7 Blackout 38
Rudy Cameron 30 0 Estramir Mastern 28
Metta World War 31 0 Joe Vader 29
El Santo 32 0 Groudon 30
Estramir Mastern 33 1 Gabriel White 32
Joe Vader 34 1 Osakan Destroyer 31
Gavin Gamble 35 0 Groudon 33
Gabriel White 36 2 Pastor Lincoln 35
Auguste 37 0 Gabriel White 34
Pastor Lincoln 38 1 Osakan Destroyer 36
@ZappKanon 39 0 Groudon 37
Blackout 40 2 WINNER


During the show, the return of Casino Nights Wrestling was teased, and the federation would eventually return for one final run shortly afterwards. This show also featured the debut of Blueberry Surprise, the eventual general manager for CNW's New ACES! brand and member of Chell's Sweeties.

Blackout would cash in his AES Over-The-Top Championship in 2017 on Osakan Destroyer at NOW Elite #11 to win the NOW Legends Championship, his first world championship in AES.


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  7. In the middle of the match, Dan Brown ran in and pinned Groudon to regain the AES 24/7 Championship

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