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AES: Melée
Acronym None
Years Active February 2019 - Present
Owner Maximilian House
General Manager(s) Maximilian House with assistance from CASPER and Madelyn House, Jr.
Current Theme "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" - Vampire Weekend
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head OpinionHaver
Forum Link AES: Melée

AES: Melée is an eFed by OpinionHaver run in WWE 2k19. It has been consistently active since National E-Wrestling Day 7, with two shows airing back-to-back approximately every alternate month. AES: Melée has a fixed roster and is planned to have frequent Pay-Per-View events, occurring regularly after every five-show cycle. The first PPV event, Melée: Final Destination, is set to take place in summer 2019, with the exact date yet to be confirmed.


AES: Melée was created by Maximilian House, who performed in its inaugural match at National E-Wrestling Day 7 with fellow wrestler and close friend CASPER; their tag team, the CHADs (Charismatic Horny Alpha Dudes) participated in an exhibition match against Two More Heroes, ultimately losing despite their best and most valiant efforts.


AES: Melée is notable for the amount of championships it has to offer; indeed, on each of the first five episodes, almost every match offers the victor an opportunity to wrestle for one of its titles. As of May 2019, the acknowledged championships are:

  • The Men's World Title: the first champion will be decided at the first PPV in an Elimination Chamber match. The participants of this match will be the victors of the main events of episodes #1 to #5 as well as owner Maximilian House himself. As of May 2019, the other confirmed participants are Joseph James, Captain Damion Dagger, Rick Trent, and Action Jackson.
  • The Women's World Title: whoever manages to prevail in the Madelyn House, Jr. Open Challenge will be added to the inaugural title match at the PPV. To date, Birdy L and Anne Cortes are the only competitors to qualify with one show left to go before the PPV, although the validity of the latter's claim to the title match was disputed by none other than Madelyn House, Jr. herself.
  • The Men's Midcard Title: currently a double elimination tournament is being contested between Alex Arellano, YUKITA Nori, Evie, and Harold Remington-Harrington for the chance to compete in the title match on the PPV. As of May 2019, Alex Arellano is the only participant confirmed to advance (with two wins), while Evie is the only one to have been definitively eliminated (with two losses).
  • The Women's Midcard Title: the first champion will be decided in a fourway match on the PPV, with its participants having been decided in one singles match apiece on Melée #1, #3, #4, and #5. As of Melée #4, the wrestlers confirmed to advance are Jennifer Solista, Nico Bador, and Maya Mori.
  • The Tag Team Titles: currently a round-robin tournament is taking place to determine the two teams who will face each other for the belts at the PPV. Gan Ceann are the only team to have secured their place, with three wins; the other place will be taken by either Two More Heroes, The Saintly Alliance, The Mountain Range, or Mesmeria.

Moreover, titles from elsewhere in the Armbar Error Society can be defended on AES: Melée, as was demonstrated by The Amateur on Melée #2 when he successfully defended his Best Of The Big Boys championship against Big Tex Johnson. He has also issued a challenge to Skyler Altus to wrestle him for the belt at Melée: Final Destination.

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