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All-Star Championship Wrestling
Acronym ACW
Years Active 2009-2012
Owner Raiden "Thunder" Damme
General Manager(s) Raiden "Thunder" Damme
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head RVD4287
Forum Link All-Star Championship Wrestling
ACW was an independent promotion that started up in 2009 and ran through 2010. After a brief hiatus, ACW returned briefly in late 2011 into January 2012 before closing its doors for good. It served as a starting point for multiple wrestlers that still compete in AES today.

Notable Wrestlers

Ciber Mesias
Estramir Mastern
Garth Wrestlegar Snr.
Lance Meszaros
Laura Brennan
Mick Spade
Osakan Destroyer
Skyler Altus